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Religious Studies Collections

Manuscript Collections

The Manuscript Collections are housed in Special Collections relating in portions or entirely to religions. The listing may not be comprehensive. Further search in Special Collections in Socrates records may reveal additional holdings. Most collections have guides on line.

There are collections holding materials in religion but have no subject approach under religion, for example:
Ginsberg, Allen
Papers, 1937-1994
contain Series 9: Religious materials, pertaining mainly to Buddhism (see Container List)

Baron, Salo W.
Papers, ca. 1900-1980.
Unpublished finding aid and searchable data base available in the Special Collections

Berman, Lawrence V. (Lawrence Victor).
Papers, ca. 1967-1988.
Professor of Religious Studies, Stanford University. Specialized in Jewish Studies. Taught courses in both Judaism and Islam, and at the time of his death was developing a course on the Abrahamic Tradition, attempting to compare the Jewish tradition with Christianity and Islam.
Contents notes: Correspondence, research files and teaching materials, texts of the Nichomachean Ethics have been collected in Greek, Arabic, Hebrew and Latin. Berman's particular interest was the effect of translation of this text on the transmittal of its philosophical concepts.
SC 361

Blank, Sheldon H. (Sheldon Haas), 1896-
TLS to Mrs. Lowenstein, 1946 Apr. 22
Discusses biblical passages alluded to in Browning's Saul.
MISC 613

Clebsch, William A.
Papers, 1944-1983.
Scholar of religious history and chairman of the Dept. of Religious Studies, Stanford University, from1973 to 1980. Clebsch came to Stanford in 1963 from a series of ministerial and theological seminary positions. He served as chairman of the new American Studies Program (1975-1980) and was a leader in the improvement of graduate and undergraduate programs in the humanities. Clebsch played a key role in faculty affairs throughout his 20-year career at Stanford. As deputy chairman (1968-1969) of the first faculty senate of the Academic Council and as chairman (1969-1970) of the second, he set the pattern for future operation of the Faculty Senate and he continued to serve in many capacities on elected and appointed positions in the Faculty Senate and on University Committees.
Contents notes: Professional correspondence, manuscripts and research notes, teaching and lecture materials, and files regarding his university activities.
SC 308

Curtis Martin Galt
Papers, 1922 - 1947
With wife, Mabel Moore Galt, a Presbyterian missionary in Yunnan (China), 1922-1936. Curtis M. Galt returned in 1946-47, to K`un-ming, as superintendent of his fammily Tengchung Hospital.
Contents: 1.Galt, Mabel Moore, 1898- ; 2.Goodenberger, Ernest; 3.Park, C. Marie; 4.Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Yunnan Mission; 5.United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration; 6.AnimismÑChina; 7.Missionaries; 8.Tai languages; 9.Kun-ming shih (China); 10.Yunnan Privince (China)

Ellenwood, Cecilia Freeman Atherton.
Class notes, 1898-1902.
This collection consists of the printed syllabi, with her handwritten lecture and reading notes, for three classes she took at Stanford: the life of Christ, 1898; the ethics of Christ, taught by Charles Reynolds Brown, 1900; and the life and literature of the early Hebrews, taught by Charles Reynolds Brown, 1902.
SCM 174

Evans-Wentz, W. Y. (Walter Yeeling), 1878-1965.
Papers, 1894-1961.
Walter Yeeling Evans-Wentz, born February 2, 1878 in Trenton, New Jersey, attended Stanford University where he received his B.A. and his M.A. Evans-Wentz travelled extensively in Mexico, Europe, and the Far East. He spent several years in Tibet where he became a Buddhist monk. He was a pioneer in the field of Tibetan Buddhism and authored several books on the subject.
Contents notes: Correspondence, books, notes, printed material, ephemera, and photographs pertaining to Mahayana Buddhism. Also contains materials pertaining to Evans-Wentz's education.
Indexes: Unpublished guide available.

Evans-Wentz, W. Y. (Walter Yeeling), 1878-1965.
Buddhism and eastern religions collection, ca.1600-1922.
Palm-leaf manuscripts, pamphlets, and other materials, relating to the religions of Asia, principallyCeylon.
Published materials in English and manuscript materials in Sinhalese and Pali.
No photocopies of the material are to be made.
Indexes: Unpublished guide available.

Gnosis; a journal of the Western inner traditions, 1985-1998.
Published by the Lumen Foundation, San Francisco, CA. A complete run of the journal, together with editorial correspondence and editorial files. Box listing available.

Grabbe, Georgii.
Papers, ca. 1930-1995.
Bishop Grigorii, secular name Iurii Pavlovich Grabbe (1902-1995) was the Secretary of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church  Abroad from 1931 to 1986.
Contents notes: Includes correspondence between various leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, correspondence with other personalities of the Russian emigration, and his own lectures and writings.

Harvey, Van Austin.
Religious studies at Stanford: an historical sketch, 1998.
SCM 181

Jacques, Elizabeth.
Papers, ca. 1882-1965.
Part of an Afro-American family whose parents originally came from Alabama, later settling in San Francisco. Active in a Black Church there. Her husband, Willie, originally from Oklahoma and later active in the ILWU.
Contents notes: Correspondence, photographs, etc.

Lambert , Asael Carlyle
Notebooks, n.d.
Summary: Ten notebooks which deal with the following topics: blood and religion; spirituality; tithing and Mormonism; the serpent; Mormon revelations; Mormonism and Masonry; and "Epistole" of Liberty jail.

Letter from young female seminary student to a girl friend from home, 1841 Mar. 18.
The letter is from a newly arrived student at the Luray, Virginia, Female Seminary. She describes her journey, her feelings about religion, and her close feelings of friendship.
MISC 368

Missionary announcements, 1881-1896.
A scrapbook including announcements of meetings, services, concerts, etc., from several groups in San Francisco, Sacramento, Boston, and Chicago.
MISC 342

Schweyer, Johannes.
Die sechs Haupsthuck Christlicher Lehre, 1666.
1 leaf. Contents notes: The six main parts of the teaching of Christ.
MISC 197

Spooner, David Brainerd, 1879-1925.
Papers, 1899-1925.
Archaeologist and linguist. Born in Vermont in 1879, Spooner received his a.b. from Stanford in 1899. He did considerable work and writing in archaeology, Indian religion, Indian history, languages, and linguistics. Spooner died at Agra, India, 30 January 1925.
Contents notes: Correspondence (primarily 1915-1918), typewritten manuscript, language notebooks (manuscript and typescript), booklets in foreign languages, and personal memorabilia. The papers relate primarily to Indian archaeology, religion, history, and language studies.
Indexes: Unpublished guide available.

United Secularists of America.
Progresssive World: monthly publication, 1967-1973 and 1976.
The group advocated complete separation of church and state, including taxing all church property, exclusion of religious teaching in public schools, etc. First located in Los Angeles, in August, 1970, the chapter headquarters moved to Oakland.
Contents notes: Included are obituaries of Kirk Hegel.

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