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Slavic and Eastern European Studies

Atlases & Maps

Atlases and maps are housed in Branner Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections (core collection), Green Library stacks and Reference Room (mainly atlases), Special Collections (older and rare maps), at Meyer Library (classroom wall maps), and in Hoover (both contemporary and older maps). Maps and atlases listed below are only political, physical and topographic.

Finding atlases and maps in Socrates II, the on-line catalog, is relatively easy. A comprehensive search, however, can be time consuming and require some varying strageties. Remember that not all maps are catalogued or are in Socrates, especially those in Special Collections and older maps in Hoover and Branner. Many maps and atlases are components of larger map sets or atlases. Therefore, begin your search with the most specific area and subject you are seeking. If you find little or nothing, broaden the search to a larger area or broader topical subject. Maps which are in Socrates II may be searched under all searchable indexes including subjects (e.g., former soviet republics maps or russia maps)and by call number. Additional suggestions and examples may be found in Searching for Maps in SOCRATES: Stanford's Library Catalog


For reference and purchase suggestions contact one of the following:
  • Julie Sweetkind-Singer
    Head Librarian; Map & GIS Librarian
    Branner Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections

  • Jane Ingalls
    Assistant Map Librarian & Earth Systems Selector
    Branner Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections


Atlases may be found in Socrates by doing a subject search under the place name or topical subject followed by maps. For example:
Moscow maps
Moldova maps
Russia history maps
Poland population maps
Ethnology Slovakia maps
World atlases produced in an Eastern European country -- and often containing extensive information about that country -- can be found in Socrates by doing a subject search under atlases. For example:
Atlases, Polish
Atlases, Russian

Eastern Europe

Magocsi, Paul R. HISTORICAL ATLAS OF EAST CENTRAL EUROPE (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1993)
Earth Sciences Atlas Case G2081.S1 M3 1993 f

Adams, Arthur E. AN ATLAS OF RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN HISTORY (New York, Praeger [1967, c1966])
Green Library Gen Ref G2111.S1 A2
Green Library Stacks G2111.S1 A2 1967
Meyer G2111.S1 A2 1967


ATLAS PO BULGARSKA ISTORIIA. Sofiia : Bulgarska Akademiia na naukite, 1963
Green Library Stacks G2041.S1B9 f


ATLAS CESKOSLOVENSKYCH DEJIN. V Praze, Ustredni sprava geodezie a kartografie,1965
Gen Ref G1946.S1C8 1965 ff


MAGYARORSZAG FOLDTANI ATLASZA ([Budapest?] : Magyar Allami Foldtani Intezet, 1986-)
Earth Sciences Maps G6501.C5 s500 .M3 (Library has c.1: 1-2, 7.2, 13.1, 14.2, 15, 16.2.1)
Earth Sciences Maps File Case G6501.C5 s500 .M3 (Library has c.2: 7.2)



ATLAS RZECZYPOSPOLITEJ POLSKIEJ (Warszawa : Glowny Geodeta Kraju, c1993-)
Gen Ref G1950.A842 1993 ff or
Earth Sciences Atlas Case G1950.A842 1993 ff


Pogonowski, Iwo. POLAND, A HISTORICAL ATLAS (New York, N.Y. : Hippocrene Books, 1987)
Gen Ref G1951.S1P34 1987

[ATLAS HISTORYCZNY POLSKI. ENGLISH] THE HISTORICAL ATLAS OF POLAND Warszawa, PaÓnstwowe PrzedsiÓebiorstwo Wyd. Kartograficzynch, 1986
Green Library Stacks G1951.S1P33 1986 f


ATLAS (Bucuresti : Editura Academiei Republicii Socialiste Rom^ania, 1974-1979)
Gen Ref G2035.A85 1974 ff


For information about gazetteers, geographic encyclopedias and other relevant materials consult FUNDAMENTALS OF RUSSIAN REFERENCE WORK IN THE HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, social sciences, geography, and non-bibliographic references, gazetteers. For additional titles search also Socrates under find tp Atlas SSSR.


Green Library Stacks HD720.2 .Z8 N67 1993

RUSSIAN REGIONS TODAY: ATLAS OF THE NEW FEDERATION. Washington, D.C. : The International Center, 1994-
Gen Ref G2140.R65

Brawer, M. ATLAS OF RUSSIA AND THE INDEPENDENT REPUBLICS (New York :Simon & Schuster, 1994.
Hoover Reference G2110.B72 1994
Jackson Business G2110.B7 1994 REFERENCE

ATLAS, RUSSIA AND THE POST SOVIET REPUBLICS. Moskva : Atkar-PKO "Kartografiia", 1993.
Gen Ref G2110.P53 1993 f

ROSSIISKAIA FEDERATSIIA. Moskva: Federalnaia sluzhba geodezii i kartografii Rossii, 1993.
Gen Ref G2140.P56 1993

RUSSIAN POLITICAL ATLAS. Washington : Russian Information & Business Center, 1996-
Gen Ref DK510.763 .R87

AN INDUSTRIAL ATLAS OF THE SOVIET SUCCESSOR STATES. [Cd-rom] Houston, TX: Industrial Information Resources International, Inc., 1995.
Earth Sciences Audio-Visual G2110 .I63 1995. [for print copy see below]

AN INDUSTRIAL ATLAS OF THE SOVIET SUCCESSOR STATES. Houston : Industrial Information Resources, Inc., 1994.
Green Library Stacks G2110. I5 1994 F

Milner-Gulland, R. R. CULTURAL ATLAS OF RUSSIA AND THE SOVIET UNION. New York : Facts on File Publications, 1989.
Gen Ref DK32.M62 1989 f


Rogov, E.N. ATLAS ISTORII KULTURY ROSSII. Moskva: "Krug", 1993.
Hoover DK32.R58 1993

Gilbert, Martin. ATLAS OF RUSSIAN HISTORY. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993.
Gen Ref G2111.S1 G52 1993

ATLAS SSSR . Ed. V.N. Peikhvasser Moskva : Glav. upr. geodezii i kartografii pri Sovete Ministrov SSSR, 1990.
Gen Ref G2110.S68 1990

Chew, Allen F. AN ATLAS OF RUSSIAN HISTORY. Rev. ed. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1970.
Gen Ref G2111.S1 C5 1970

RUSSKIE; ISTORIKO-ETNOGRAFICHESKII ATLAS. Kushner, ed. Moskva: Nauka, 1967, 2 vols.
Hoover G2111.E62R8 1967 f

Dewdney, J C. The U.S.S.R. in maps New York : Holmes & Meier, 1982. 1 atlas (vi, 117 p.) : maps ; 24 x 27 cm.
Green Library Stacks G2110.D5 1982

Bazilevich, K.V. et al. ATLAS ISTORII SSSR, DLIA SREDNEI SHKOLSY. Moskva, Glavnoe upravlenie geodezii i kartografii, 1959. 3 parts.
Green Library Stacks G2111.S1 R78 1959 f

Tornau, N.N. UCHEBNYI ATLAS PO RUSSKOI. 10th ed., St.Petersburg, 1912.
Green Library Stakcs G2111.S1.T6 1912

Pavlishchev, Nikolai Ivanovich. ISTORICHESKII ATLAS ROSSII Varshava, V Tip. Strombskago, 1845.
Green Library Stacks G2111.S1P3 1845 f

Maps on the Internet

To find online maps in Socrates and for other links, see Branner Library's Online Maps web page.

Classroom Wall Maps

Below is a complete listing of maps housed in Meyer dealing specifically with countries of Eastern Europe. For classroom use, maps of Europe would also be suitable. Maps covering larger areas are listed in a binder near the Meyer circulation desk.


POLSKA, MAPA FIZYCZNA. 1:700,000, P.P.W.K., 1957


ECONOMIC MAP OF THE SOVIET UNION 1950-1965. 1:8000,000, Moscow GUGk, [1954]

WESTERN SIBERIA. 1:2,000,000, Political Moscow, GUGK, 1954

UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS AND ADJACENT LANDS. 1:6,000,000, Physical, Denoyter Geppert/Wenschow, 1982

UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS. 1:6000,000, Physical, Denoyer Geppert/Wenschow, 1960.

USSR AND ADJACENT LANDS. 1:6000,000, Political, Denoyer Geppert, 1967


GROWTH OF RUSSIA 1462-1939 (2 maps).

THE WORLD IN 1914, INDIA IN 1858, RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR, 1904-1905 (3 maps).

BALKAN STATES 1683-1877, BALKAN STATES 1878-1914.
WH 30


SLOWANIE W IX WIEKU. 1:3,000,000, P.P.W.K., 1972

Topographic Maps

In Communist Europe the distribution of detailed topographic maps was largely restricted; such maps are now becoming increasingly available.

Topographic Maps

The maps below are all housed in Branner Earth Sciences Library.

The region is covered by the following fairly large scale, multi-sheet map sets showing relief (by contour lines or altitude tints) as well as other physical and cultural features:

  • Karta Mira = World Map. Scale 1:2,500,000. English & Russian.
    G3200 s2500 .K3 MAP-CASES
  • Operational navigation chart. Scale 1:1,000,000.
    G3201 .P6 s1000 .U5 MAP-CASES
  • International Map of the World. Scale 1:1,000,000.
    G3200 s1000 .U5 and G3200 s1000 .G41 MAP-CASES

Much of the region is also covered by topographic maps, that is those at scales of 1:250,000 (ca. 1 inch = 4 miles) or larger (more detailed). Some of these sets are:
  • Western Europe 1:250,000. U.S. Army Map Service Series M501.
    Covers Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Yugoslavia.
    G5700 s250 .U5 MAP-CASES
  • Eastern Europe 1:250,000. U.S. Army Map Service Series N501.
    Covers western Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
    G6965 s250 .U5 MAP-CASES
  • Soubour Turistickych Map [Czech Republic]. Scales vary. Kartografie.
    G6511 .E635 svar .S6 MAP-FILE
  • Topographic map of Hungary. Scale 1:200,000. Kartografiai Vallalat.
    G6500 s200 .K3 MAP-CASES
  • Mapa Topograficzna [Polska]. Scale 1:100,000. Glowny Urzad Geodezji i Kartografii
    G6520 s100 .P5 MAP-CASES
  • [Slovenska Republika]. Scale 1:50,000. Vojensky kartograficky ustav
    G6511 .E63 s50 .V7 MAP-FILE
  • Ukraina, Topograficheskaia Karta. Scale 1:200,000. Vinnitskaia kartograficheskaia fabrika.
    G7100 s200 .V5 MAP-CASES
  • Central Siberia 1:250,000. U.S. Army Map Service Series N503.
    G7290 s250 .U5 MAP-CASES
  • Eastern Siberia 1:250,000. U.S. Army Map Service Series N504.
    G7320 s250 .U5 MAP-CASES
  • Western Siberia 1:250,000. U.S. Army Map Service Series N502
    G7280 s250 .U5 MAP-CASES
Other topographic maps, some of which are more detailed, may be found by searching Socrates by subject under the country or region name and maps topographic. For example:
Russia maps topographic
Poland maps topographic
Kiev Ukraine Oblast maps topographic

Antiquarian Maps

Antiquarian maps are located in Special Collections and at Hoover (consult Hoover). These maps are uncatalogued and therefore not in Socrates. However, basic bibliographic information can be accessed via the program "Filemaker Pro" on the hard disk at the Reference Desk in Special Collections. Click on the folder "France Russia Europe," then under the "subject" field type in the individual country name. Additionally, you may want to browse under the "area" Europe which could result in a search that may not be retrieved under a specific country entry.

The collection for Eastern Europe housed in Special Collections consists of about seventy maps and atlases published from the 1600-1800's. There are approximately 42 listings for Russia, 17 for Poland, and a few for Hungary, Romania, Armenia and Lithuania. The maps were primarily published in London (by, among others, Baldwin & Cradock, S. Hall, and Cadell & Davies, cartographer J. Pinkerton), with a few in Edinburgh (by Thomson), Paris (by Dezauch, Buache, cartographer G. de Isle) and Amsterdam (by Pierre Schenk).



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