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Slavic and Eastern European Studies

Bibliographies of bibliographies

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Bibliography of bibliographies of bibliographies

Kandel', B.L. Otechestvennye Ukazateli Bibliograficheskikh Posobii. Leningrad, SS, 1983. 2nd rev. edn., 1989.

Continuation of Kandel'

Mamontov, M.A. , comp. "Novye ukazateli, issledovaniia i obzory bibliograficheskikh posobii i spravochnykh izdanii, opublikovannye v 1987-1993 in Bibliografiia Bibliografii Na Sovremennom Etape. Sbornik Statei I Bibliograficheskikh Materialov. St. Petersburg, 1995 , pp.113-138. (its predecessor for 1982-1986 in Bibliografiia Bibliografii V SSSR. Sovremennoe Sostoianie. Leningrad,SS, 1987 Vyp. 2, pp.105-128 is now replaced by the 2nd ed. of Kandel')

Historic survey of bibliographies of bibliographies

Mamontov, M.A. "bibliografiia bibliografii po obshcestvennym naukam v Rossii (obzor ukazatelei bibliograficheskikh posobii xix-xx vv.)" in Bibliografiia Bibliografii Na Sovremennom Etape. Sbornik Statei I Bibliograficheskikh Materialov. St. Petersburg, 1995 , pp. 61-112. (Does not include language and literature, and the arts.)

Bruhn, P. Thiede, V. Bibliographien Zum Schrifttum Aus Und Uber Osteuropa. Katalog Des Bibliographischen Lesesaales Der Bibliothek Des Osteuropa Instituts Berlin. Munich, Omnia, 1992. (Bibliographische Mitteilungen des Osteuropa-Instituts an der Freien Universitat Berlin, 27)

Current bibliographies of bibliographies

Bibliografiia Sovetskoi Bibliografii. Moscow, Vsesoiuznaia knizhnaia palata, 1941- (For 1939. Interrupted during World War II. Resumed in 1948 for 1946-). Annual.

It cumulates all bibliographies, including those listed within books and articles, registered in any series of the national bibliography and serves as a basis for all bibliographies published in Russia. Has introductory surveys by subject, discussing major works for that year.

Its predecessor

Bodnarskii, B.S. in Bibliograficheskie Izvestiia, vols. 1-17, 1913-1929;

Alekseeva, E.S. et al. Bibliograficheskie Izdaniia Bibliotek RSFSR. Ezhegodnik. 1989 G. Leningrad, SS, 1989. Continued as
Bibliograficheskie Izdaniia Bibliotek Rossiiskoi Federatsii. Ezhegodnik. 1990 G. St. Petersburg, Rossiiskaia Natsional'naia Biblioteka, 1992.
Another issue for 1991 published in 1993. Continues under title and coverage change as
Kraevedcheskie Bibliograficheskie Izdaniia Bibliotek Rossiiskoi Federatsii. Ezhegodnik, 1992 G. St. Petersburg, Rossiiskaia Natsional'naia Biblioteka, 1994-

Ukazatel' Bibliograficheskikh Posobii Po Obshchestvennym Naukam Za... God. Kiev, AN USSR. Biblioteka, 1973- (has introductory surveys by area study which are useful for identifying major bibliographies published in a given year).

Information about current bibliographies

Kandel', B.L. "The bibliography of bibliographies in the USSR," Unesco Bulletin for Libraries 4, 1974, pp. 217-22.

Shilstone, M., Zalewski, W. "Current bibliographies in Russian/Soviet area studies," Russian Review 3, 1978, pp. 313-22.

Reshetinskii, I.I. Tekushchie Bibliograficheskie Izdaniia Knizhnykh Palat I Ikh Ispol'zovanie. Spravochnoe Posobie. Moscow, Kniga, 1981.

Andreeva, E.P., et al. Putevoditel' Po Izdaniiam Tekushchei Otechestvennoi Informatsii: Chast' 1. Obshchestvennye Nauki. Moscow, Kniga, 1981. Chast' 2 and 3 were published in 1976 and dealt with science and technology.

International in scope:

Besterman, T.A. A World Bibliography of Bibliographies and of Bibliographical Catalogs, Calendars, Abstracts, Digests, Indexes and the Like. 4th edn. Lausanne, Societas Bibliographica, 1965-1966. 5 vols.

Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz. Bibliographische Berichte. Bibliographical Bulletins. Frankfurt am Main, Vittorio Klostermann, 1959-, annually.

Retrospective bibliographies of bibliographies:

Mez'er, A.V. Slovarnyi Ukazatel' Po Knigovedeniiu. Leningrad, Kolos, 1924.

  • "Ukazateli knig rukopisnykh," pp. 650-70;
  • "Ukazateli knig staropechatnykh," pp. 670-3;
  • "Ukazateli knig grazhdanskoi pechati," pp. 603-31.
Sokurova, M.V. Obshchie Bibliografii Russkikh Knig Grazhdanskoi Pechati, 1708-1955. Annotirovannyi Ukazatel'. 2nd edn. Leningrad, 1956.



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