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Slavic and Eastern European Studies

Bibliographies of books

The primary source of information about books on hand is your library catalog and catalogs of groups of libraries such as the RLG Union Catalog and the OCL WorldCat.

See also Library catalogs and Bibliographies of bibliographies

Rubakin, N.A.SREDI KNIG.2nd ed. Moscow, Nauka, 1911-1916, 3 vols.

(Basic works for students in selected disciplines of the humanities and social sciences.).

Manuscript books and books printed up to the end of the eighteenth century see library catalogs.

18th century

Union catalogs

Online catalog Russkaia kniga grazhdanskoi pechati XVIII v. (1708-1880) v fondakh bibliotek RF

Bykova, T.A., et al. Opisanie Izdanii, Napechatannykh Pri Petre Pervom. Svodnyi Katalog. It consists of three independent titles:
  • Opisanie Izdanii, Napechatannykh Kirillitsei, 1689-ianvar' 1725. Moscow-Leningrad, AN SSSR, 1958.

  • Opisanie Izdanii Grazhdanskoi Pechati, 1709-ianvar' 1725. Moscow-Leningrad, AN SSSR, 1955.

  • Dopolneniia i Prilozheniia. Leningrad, AN SSSR, 1972. (Supplement to both works).
Svodnyi Katalog Russkoi Knigi Grazhdanskoi Pechati XVIII v., 1725-1800. Moscow, 1962-67, 5 vols., and Supplement, 1975.

Svodnyi Katalog Knig Na Inostrannykh Iazykakh, Izdannykh v Rossii V XVIII v. 1701-1800. Leningrad, Nauka, 1984-.


Sopikov, V.S. Opyt Rossiiskoi Bibliografii, 2nd en. by V.N. Rogozhin. St. Petersburg, A.S. Suvorin, 1904-1908. 5 vols.

Smirdin, A.F. (Firm). Rospis' Rossiiskim Knigam Dlia Chteniia, Iz Biblioteki Aleksandra Smirdina. V.G. Anastasevich, ed. St. Petersburg, A. Smirdin, 1828-1856. 5 vols.

19th century

A comprehensive bibliography of nineteenth-century Russian books is still being prepared. Until it appears, several other sources must be used (Consult Sokurova, M.V. Obshchie Bibliografii Russkikh Knig Grazhdanskoi Pechati, 1708-1955. Annotirovannyi Ukazatel'. 2nd ed. Leningrad, 1956 for guidance). The expansion of publishing during the last quarter of the century and up to the 1917 presents a major bibliographic challenge which is still not met. Because of that the most convenient to use bibliography, although very selective regarding both titles and subjects is

Rubakin, N.A. Sredi Knig. 2nd edn. Moscow, Nauka, 1911-1916. 3 vols.
Has extensive historiographic introductions.

The first quarter of the 19th century is covered by Smirdin cited above. Bibliographies for the first three quarters of the nineteenth century are the commercial catalog-bibliographies, were employed by book dealers to prepare catalogs of their bookstore holdings. The compilers, often the best bibliographers of that time such as V.I. Mezhov and P.A. Efremov, exceeded the stock on hand and listed other books in print, thus preparing an extensive bibliography of works published. Subject approach, indexes, even indication of book reviews add to the value of these sources. Although extensive, they are not comprehensive.

The most important trade catalogs

Bazunov, A.F. (Firm). Sistematicheskii Katalog Russkim Knigam Prodaiushchimsia V Knizhnom Magazinie Aleksandra Fedorovicha Bazunova, S Ukazaniem 20,000 Kriticheskikh Statei, Retsenzii I Bibliograficheskikh Zametok...St. Petersburg, A.F. Bazunov, 1869-1880. 10 Supplements. Supplements 7-8 were produced by the firm of IA.A. Isakov.

Glazunov, I.I. (Firm). Sistematicheskaia Rospis' Knigam... St. Petersburg, I.I. Glazunov, 1867-89. 5 Supplements.

These catalogs extend bibliographic coverage to imprints published up to 1887. Bibliographies covering the remaining part of the century until the beginning of national registration in KNIZHNAIA LETOPIS', 1907- can be found in

Sokurova, M.V. Obshchie Bibliografii Russkikh Knig Grazhdanskoi Pechati, 1708-1955. Annotirovannyi Ukazatel'. 2nd edn. Leningrad, 1956


Shapiro, A.L. Bibliografiia Istorii SSSR, Moscow, Vysshaia shkola, 1968.

General and additional information about these and other trade catalogs can be obtained from textbooks

Osipov, V.O. Knigotorgovaia Bibliografiia. Moscow, Kniga, 1976; 2nd edn., Moscow, Kniga, 1984;

and edited by him:

Russkaia Knigotorgovaia Bibliografiia Do Nachala XX V. Moscow, Kniga, 1983;

Knigotorgovye Katalogi Pervoi Poloviny XIX Veka. Ukazatel'. Uchebnoe Posobie. Moscow, Kniga, 1976;

Knigotorgovye Katalogi 50-60 GG. XIX Veka. Ukazatel'. Uchebnoe Posobie. Moscow, Kniga, 1980;

Knigotorgovye Katalogi 60-70-KH GG. XIX Veka. Ukazatel'. Uchebnoe Posobie. Moscow, Kniga, 1980.

Muratov, M.V., Nakoriakov, N.N. eds. Knizhnaia Torgovlia. Posobie Dlia Rabotnikov Knizhnogo Dela. Moscow-Leningrad, Gos. izd., 1925. (of historic importance. Contains list of prerevolutionary book dealers).

Focused bibliography-union catalog is

Svodnyi Katalog Russkoi Nelegal'noi I Zapreshchennoi Pechati XIX Veka. Knigi I Periodicheskie Izdaniia. I.V. Morozova, ed. 2nd edn., Moscow, 1981-1982. 2 vols.; and the same title for Listovki. Moscow, 1977. 3 parts.

19th century continuing bibliographies were published in journals. The best is the official registration: "Ukazatel' vnov' vykhodiashchikh knig" in Zhurnal Ministerstva Narodnogo Prosveshcheniia, 1837-1955 continued by "Spisok knig, vyshedshikh v Rossii" in Pravitel'stvennyi Vestnik, ianvar' 1869 - oktiabr' 1876, ianvar' 1879 - dekabr' 1902 and Spisok Knig, Vyshedshikh V Rossii... St.Petersburg, Glavnoe upravlenie po delam pechati, 1884-1907 (title changed, published weekly) but not cummulated.


The overall coverage of the nineteenth century Russian imprints is poor. Some fields, however, have excellent subject bibliographies. There are also bibliographies of society or publishing house publications, indexes to periodicals, and catalogs to private collections, all of which extend the bibliographic search.

20th century

The period 1900-1917 suffers particularly severe limitations. Beginning with 1907, the national bibliography Knizhnaia Letopis' has provided somewhat more reliable bibliographic coverage but still it lacks comprehensiveness.

Regular registration of books began with Knizhnaia Letopis', 1907- See National Bibiography.

Of specialized interest

Zemtsova, N.A. Izdaniia Perioda Revoliutsii I Grazhdanskoi Voiny (1917-1921) V Rossii. Katalog Knizhnoi Vystavki. Moscow, GPI. Chast' 1 (1917), 1991, Chast' 2 (1918), 1994.

The catalog Mezhdunarodnyi svodnyi katalog russkoi knigi (1918-1926) is still being compiled, in print and online. It registers books published during this period in the Russian SFR, the USSR, the Russian emigration, and the White Movement.

Useful is also commercial registration in journals:

Knizhnoe Obozrenie, 1966- weekly

Knizhnyi Biulleten', 1981- weekly

Knizhnyi Biznes. Ezhenedel'naia Gazeta, 1993-



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