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Slavic and Eastern European Studies

Dissertations (typescripts)


As part of the national bibliography:

Letopis' Avtoreferatov Dissertatsii. Moscow, Rossiiskaia knizhnaia palata, 1993-, Monthly, not cumulated.

Continuation of
Knizhnaia Letopis'. Dopolnitel'nyi Vypusk. Moscow, Rossiiskaia knizhnaia palata, 1961-1980


Knizhnaia Letopis'. Dopolnitel'nyi Vypusk. Avtoreferaty Dissertatsii. Moscow, Rossiiskaia knizhnaia palata, 1981-1992.

Additionally, dissertation abstracts have been registered in various series of the national bibliography at various times. See A.L. Shapiro, Bibliografiia Istorii SSSR, Moscow, Vysshaia shkola, 1968: 49-51.

Copies of Russian dissertations are kept by the sponsoring institutions and are deposited in the State Public Library in Moscow. This Library produces monthly lists:

Katalog Kandidatskikh I Doktorskikh Dissertatsii, Postupivshikh V Biblioteku SSSR IM. V.I. Lenina I V Gosudarstvennuiu Tsentral'nuiu Nauchnuiu Meditsinskuiu Biblioteku. Moscow, 1956-.

There are bibliographies of dissertations defended in a given subject listed in subject bibliographies, e.g., XVIII VEK, Vyp.3, Leningrad, 1958. Some institutions have retrospective bibliographies, e.g., Dissertatsii, Zashchishchennye V Tartuskom Universitete 1802-1919, Bibliograficheskii Ukazatel'. Tartu, 1973.

Biblioteki Fondoderzhateli Dissertatsii Moskvy I Moskovskoi Oblasti: Putevoditel'. Moscow, Gosudarstvennaia Ordena Lenina Biblioteka SSSR, Otdel' dissertatsii, 1991.

Typescripts in the social sciences and humanities are deposited in the Institut nauchnoi informatsii po obshchestvennym naukam (INION) library and listed annually in:

Katalog Deponirovannykh Rukopisei: Obshchestvennye Nauki, 1976-: Moscow, 1977-.

Vsesoiuznyi institut nauchnoi i tekhnicheskoi informatsii (VINITI) performs a similar function in the sciences:

Deponirovannye Rukopisi: Estestvennye I Tochnye Nauki, Tekhnika. Moscow, 1963-.


Dossick, J.J. Doctoral Research on Russia and the Soviet Union. New York, New York University Press, 1960, continued for 1960-75 (New York, Garland, 1976) and updated annually in the Slavic Review.


American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies, 1956- annual. Available on line. See general bibliography.

see also:

Comprehensive Dissertation Index 1861-1972. Ann Arbor, Xerox University Microfilms, 1973. Available on CD ROM.

Continuation in Dissertation Abstracts and similar registrations for other countries. For those consult Sheehy, Guide To Reference Books. 10th ed. Chicago, American Library Association, 1986. with Supplement, 1990.

For additional information about Soviet and Western dissertations see:

Simmons, J.S.G. Russian Bibliography, Libraries and Archives. A Selective List of Bibliographical References for Students of Russian History, Literature, Political, Social, and Philosophical Thought, Theology, and Linguistics. Oxford, A.C. Hall, 1973. pp. 25-26.

Terry, G.M. "A guide to bibliographies of theses and dissertations in the field of Slavonic and East European studies," Absees, Soviet and East European Abstract Series VII, No. 4, 1976, special section.



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