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Slavic and Eastern European Studies

Machine Readable Bibliographies and Databases

The services available electronically are: Library catalogs, bibliographies and indexes, and data and texts. They can be accessed on-line through INTERNET. The rapid development of the field of electronic resources permits only an examplification of materials available. Home pages of various institutions available on the World Wide Web facilitate access to these resources. A printed guide is:

Gale Directory of Databases. Vol. 1. Online Databases; Vol. 2. CD-ROM, Diskette, Magnetic Tape, Handheld, and Batch Access Databases Products. K.Y. Marcaccio, ed. Detroit, Gale Research Inc. Semiannual.

Ruffin, M. H., et al. The Post-Soviet Handbook : A Guide to Grassroots Organizations and Internet Resources in the Newly Independent States. Seattle, [Wash.] : Center for Civil Society International, in association with University of Washington Press, 1996.

Upjohn, R. Internet Resources for the NIS. Seattle, Center for Civil Society International, 1995.

1. Library catalogs

Many United States library catalogs as well as many European library catalogs are searchable on line. Access is available through INTERNET.

2. Bibliographies

American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies
login: absees

Offered through Research Library Group (RLG) Eureka
Contains bibliographic series published by INION. International coverage.
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS): Select Russian Academy of Sciences; Z39.50 access

German bibliography on line:

Bibliographies and indexes searchable electronically (and in printed form) containing materials on Russia in the humanities and social sciences:

  • Art Index
  • Arts and Humanities Citation Index
  • Dissertation Abstracts
  • Economic Literaure Index: EconLit
  • Historical Abstracts
  • Modern Language Association. International Bibliography. Yearbook
  • Academic Universe (Legal, Economic, Political)
  • Public Affairs Information Service
  • Social Science Citation Index
  • Sociological Abstracts
These titles are searchable through Dialog (paid service). Some are available on CD ROM. They are also available in paper form. Foreign langauge materials are covered with various degree of comprehensivenes.

The Magazine Index. (IAC Magazine Index). Menlo Park, Calif., Information Access Corp., 1977/78- . Also in Microfiche (Oakland, CA, Datacorp). Covers 435 magazines from US, Canada, and Great Britain.

The National Newspaper Index. Foster City, CA, Information Access Company, 1979- . Indexes: Christian Science Monitor, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and since 1982 Los Angeles Time and The Washington Post. Included are also newswires: PRNewswire, Japan Economic Newswire, and Reuters Financial Report.

Congressional Information Service. CIS Index to Publications of the United States Congress. Washington, D.C., Congressional Information Service. Vol. 1, Jan. 1970-
Vols. for 1970- issued in 2 parts: Abstracts and Index.
Issued also in an annual cumulation, called: CIS Annual.
Online since 1974, available through DIALOG and CONGRESSIONAL INFORMATION SERVICE.
On CD-ROM produced is Masterfile 1 (CIS INDEX from 1970-), MASTERFILE 2 (200 YEARS OF CONGRESSIONAL INDEXES) and STATISTICAL MASTERFILE (American Statistics Index, Statistical Reference Index, and the Index to International Statistics).
Online includes:
US Congressional Publications and Legislation;
American Statistics Index;
Statistical Reference Index ;
Index to International Statistics.

Index to U.S. Government Periodicals. Chicago, Infordata International Inc.
Indexes 180 major government periodicals.
Available through BRS and WILSONLINE and on CD ROM as part of WILSONDISC.

3. Selected text and data bases

Text files:

Daily Report: Soviet Union. Index. Foreign Broadcast Information Service. Stamford, Conn., NewsBank, 1952- Available commercially on DIALOG.
On line since 1970. Index on microfiche cumulated annually. Monthly indexes lag about 5 months behind. Contains English language translations of Soviet broadcasts, newspaper and some journal articles.

Current Digest of Soviet Press. Columbus, OH, Current Digest of Soviet Press, 1949-
Available in print, microform, and on line (since 1983) on DIALOG, KNOWLEDGE INDEX, and LEXIS-NEXIS. Published weekly, indexed quarterly and annually.

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research. Guide to Resources and Services. Ann Arbor, Mich., Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, 1977-
Volumes for 1987/88-<1989/90> issued with separate subject index.
"The archive of ICPSR receives, processes, and distributes machine-readable data on social phenomena which occur in over 130 countries. Survey of mass and elite attitudes, census records, election returns, international interactions, and legislative records are maintained in such a form as to be easily used for classroom exercises as well as for basic research." (Introduction, p.1)

Biography Master Index. Detroit, MI, Gale Research Company. Also in printed form: Biography and Genealogy Master Index. A Consolidated Index to More Than 3,200,000 Biographical Sketches In Over 350 Current and Retrospective Biographical Dictionaries. Detroit, Mich., Gale Research Co., 1975- (Gale biographical index series, no. 1)
Issued in parts. Supplements.
Continues: Biographical Dictionaries Master Index.

Newspapers on line

ed. Vladimir Shliemin
subscribe renews and send to:

Nezavesimaia Gazeta

Various data sources

A file of sources (general, databases, listservs, Relcom groups, conferences) can be obtained by requesting slavic.internet.sources from

Selected files

Russian and East European Studies Home Page
Provides and excellent information about resources available in Russian fields.

Moscow Libertarium
Most materials are in Russian (KOI-8 -- RFC 1489 fonts)

Relcom News Group
To find out what lists are served by this listserver put the word LIST in the body of a message to


SOVSET'. Washington, D.C., Center for Strategic & International Studies.
Available on paid subscription.
The computer network for Soviet and East European studies was established in 1984 and now links more than 500 leading specialists around the world. It offers its members these services: Computer conferencing, electronic mail, data library. The data library offers access to Radio Liberty "Daily Report", Radio Free Europe "Daily Report", "Ekspress khronika", SOVSET" News", "PlanEcon Report", Eastern Europe Newsletter", "Perspective", and "Commentary", the electronic column on Soviet Politics by "Le Monde". It is accessible worldwide through Compuserve, Tymnet, and Telenet. (Based on advertising pamphlet).

The OMRI Daily Digest offers the latest news from the former Soviet Union and East-Central and Southeastern Europe. It is published Monday through Friday by the Open Media Research Institute. The Daily Digest is distributed electronically via the OMRI-L list. To subscribe, send"SUBSCRIBE OMRI-L YourFirstName YourLastName" (without the quotation marks and inserting your name where shown) to No subject line or other text should be included. To receive the OMRI Daily Digest by mail or fax, please direct inquiries to OMRI Publications, Na Strzi 63, 140 62 Prague 4, Czech Republic; or electronically to Tel.: (42-2) 6114 2114; fax: (42-2) 426 396

OMRI also publishes the biweekly journal Transition, which contains expanded analysis of many of the topics in the Daily Digest. For Transition subscription information send an e-mail to



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