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Slavic and Eastern European Studies

National bibliography

See also Institut Nauchnoi Informatsii po Obshchestvennym Naukam (INION) for current bibliographies.

National bibliography in its several series is the authoritative registration of new books, periodicals, periodical articles and reviews and non book publications such as maps and musci scores. It is prepared and published by the Russian Book Chamber (Rossiiskaia Knizhnaia Palata). It uses a standard bibliographic format and the bibliographic data are authoritative.

The series listed below represent the 1994 configuration. Titles, indexes, and frequency of publication changed in the past.

The Russian national bibliography Knizhnaia Letopis' was established in 1907. During the Soviet period, though not earlier than 1926, the bibliography has improved its coverage, both as regards bibliographic standards and subject arrangements, and it has been split into several subseries. The national bibliography serves as primary bibliographic source for bibliographic work, and especially for major subject bibliographies, which in most cases are its derivatives. In various stages of development the national bibliography had various criteria for inclusion, and different bibliographic standards were set. Awareness of these changes is important not only for the proper use of the national bibliography itself, but also for the evaluation of subject bibliographies which emanated from it. Publications about the Russian national bibliography and its history are listed at the end of this chapter.

For the Russian National Bibliography (Rossiiskaia natsionalnaia bibliografiia) on cd-rom, please inquire at the Reference Desk.

Search suggestions:

  1. For specific books begin with Ezhegodnik Knigi and continue with Knizhnaia Letopis'
  2. For bibliographies use Bibliografiia Sovetskoi Bibliografii
  3. For articles use Letopis' Zhurnalnykh Statei - (journal articles)
    Letopis' Gazetnykh Statei - (newspaper articles)
    Letopis' Retsenzii. - (reviews)

Books, dissertations and non continuing publications

Knizhnaia Letopis'. 1907-, weekly;

Knizhnaia Letopis'. Gosudarstvennyi Bibliograficheskii Ukazatel' Rossiiskoi Federatsii. 1993- weekly (incorporates Osnovnoi and Dopolnitel'nyi parts).

Letopis' Avtoreferatov Dissertatsii. 1993- monthly;

Knizhnaia Letopis'. Osnovnoi Vypusk. Vspomogatel'nye Ukazateli. quarterly;

Knizhnaia Letopis'. Osnovnoi Vypusk. Ukazatel' Seriinykh Izdanii. 1933-, annual;

Knizhnaia Letopis'. Dopolnitel'nyi Vypusk. 1961-1980, monthly;

Knizhnaia Letopis'. Dopolnitel'nyi Vypusk. Knigi I Broshiury. 1981-1992, monthly; Since 1993 merged with the main series.

Knizhnaia Letopis'. Dopolnitel'nyi Vypusk. Knigi I Broshiury. Vspomogatel'nye Ukazateli. quarterly. Expired December 1992.

Knizhnaia Letopis'. Dopolnitel'nyi Vypusk. Ukazatel' Seriinykh Izdanii. annual;

Knizhnaia Letopis'. Dopolnitel'nyi Vypusk. Avtoreferaty Dissertatsii. 1981-1992, monthly; since 1993:

Letopis' Avtoreferatov Dissertatsii see above;

Ezhegodnik Knigi, (published for 1925-1929, 1927- as Kniga V... Godu). 1935. 1941-, annual; it cumulates Knizhnaia Letopis'. Osnovnoi Vypusk.
In two volumes. Since 1957 the semi-annual publication has changed into two annual volumes: Vol. 1 covers the Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol. 2 covers Science and Technology. Beginning with 1988, each volume is issued in 3 parts; the third parts are indexes. Since 1994 in six parts.

The cumulative volumes prior to Ezhegodnik Knigi were prepared by V.I. Vladislavlev as Bibliograficheskii Ezhegodnik for 1911-1924 (also called Sistematicheskii Ukazatel' Literatury Za 1911-14 and Kniga V 1923/24).

Kartograficheskaia Letopis'. 1931-, annual;

Letopis' Izoizdanii (since 1976), formerly Letopis' Pechatnykh Proizvedenii Izobrazitel'nogo Iskusstva. 1934-, monthly with annual indexes;

Notnaia Letopis'. 1931-, annual.

Lists of periodicals

(for earlier coverage see:
Lisovskii, N.M. Russkaia Periodicheskaia Pechat'. 1703-1900 GG. Bibliografiia I Graficheskie Tablitsy. Petrograd, Tip. G. A. Shumakhera i B. D. Brukera, 1915.)

Bibliografiia Periodicheskikh Izdanii Rossii: 1901-1916. L.M. Beliaeva, et al., eds. Leningrad, [SS], 1958-1961. 4 vols.)

Periodicheskaia Pechat' Sssr, 1917-1949. Bibliograficheskii Ukazatel'. Moscow, VKP, 1955-1963. 10 vols. (Vol. 10 is an index).

Gazety SSSR, 1917-1960:
Tom 1. Moscow, Kniga, 1970.
Tom 2. Chast' 1. Moscow, Kniga, 1976.
Tom 3. Moscow, Kniga, 1978 (for Republics).)

Letopis' Periodicheskikh Izdanii SSSR. 1950-1954; continued in two series:
Chast' 1. Zhurnaly, Trudy, Biulleteni. 1956-
Chast' 2. Gazety. 1955-
both parts are published every 5 years. The intervals are covered by:

Novye, Pereimenovannye I Prekrashchennye Izdaniem Zhurnaly I Gazety. Annual;

Trudy, Uchenye Zapiski, Sborniki I Drugie Prodolzhaiushchiesia Izdaniia.

Since 1971 Letopis' Periodicheskikh Izdanii has changed its title to:

Letopis' Periodicheskikh I Prodolzhaiushchikhsia Izdanii.
It has the subseries:
Chast' 1. Zhurnaly, every five years;
Chast' 2. Gazety, every five years.
In 1995 for 1986-1990 in 4 parts.

Sborniki. 1971-, annual;

Biulleteni. 1971-, every second year;

Novye, Pereimenovannye I Prekrashchennye Izdaniem Zhurnaly I Gazety, continues as above but not always annually.

Indexes to periodicals:

Letopis' Zhurnal'nykh Statei. 1926-, weekly; quarterly indexes of personal names and geographic names; annual index of serials indexed;

Letopis' Gazetnykh Statei. 1936-, weekly; quarterly index;

Letopis' Retsenzii. 1935-, monthly; annual index. 1992.

Bibliography of bibliographies:

Bibliografiia Sovetskoi Bibliografii. 1941-, annual.

For Republican bibliographies see I.B. Gracheva and its English translation by T.J. Whitby and Sorok Let Sovetskoi Gosudarstvennoi Bibliografii all cited below

About the national bibliography:

Zdobnov, N.V. Istoriia Russkoi Bibliografii DO Nachala XX Veka. 2nd edn. Moscow, AN SSSR, 1951, pp. 216-25, 320-6.

Sokurova, M.V., Obshchie Bibliografii Russkikh Knig Grazhdanskoi Pechati, 1708-1955. Annotirovannyi Ukazatel'. 2nd edn. Leningrad, 1956: pp. 113-17, 159-67, 179-228 which includes extensive bibliography.

Sorok Let Sovetskoi Gosudarstvennoi Bibliografii (1920-1960). Sbornik Statei. Moscow, VKP, 1960.

Gracheva, I.B. Gosudarstvennaia Bibliografiia SSSR. Spravochnik. 2nd edn. Moscow, Kniga, 1967. English translation by T.J. Whitby, T. Lorkovic. Introduction to Soviet National Bibliography. Littleton, Colo., Libraries Unlimited, 1979, with an extensive introduction by Whitby (pp. 15-60) and bibliography (pp. 211-24).

Semenovker, B.A. Retrospektivanaia Gosudarstvennaia Bibliografiia Sssr. Spravochnik. Goskompechat' SSSR. Moscow, Knizhnaia Palata, 1990.

See also textbooks.

Reviews of many of the series of the national bibliography appeared in the journal Sovetskaia Bibliografiia, often in commemoration of an anniversary of the emergence of a subseries. (There is an index to this journal which helps to locate them.)



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