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Slavic and Eastern European Studies

Karen Rondestvedt, Curator;; (650) 725-1052

Georgian Films, Films About Georgia, Films by Georgians

  • Aging in Soviet Georgia: A Toast to Sweet Old Age/ by Richard Breyer, 1987, ZVC 2524 (English)
  • Ambavi Suramis Tsikhitsa = Legend of Suram Fortress, 1985; Ashik Kerib, 1988/ two films by Sergei Paradjanov, ZDVD 1735, (Georgian and Azerbaijani dialog, English subtitles)
  • La Chasse aux Papillons = Chasing Butterflies/ by Otor Iosseliani, 1992, ZVC 13904 (in French and Rusian with English subtitles)
  • Chudaki/ by Edgar Sengelaia, 1974, ZVC 8100 (Russian)
  • Drevo Zhelanii/ by Tengiz Abuladze, ZVC 16142, ZVC 12493 (Russian)
  • Korol Lir/ by Robertas Sturuia, Premiere 4/28/1987, recording 1/15/1989, ZVC 8094 (in Georgian)
  • Favority Luny/ by Otar Ioseliani, 1984, ZVC 11258 (dubbed in Russian)
  • The Legend of Suram Fortress See Ambavi Suramis Tsikhitsa
  • The Legend of Suram Fortress/ by Dodo Abashidze, Sergei Paradjanov, 1985, ZVC 6109 (title, credits and dialog in Georgian with English subtitles)
  • Mimino/ by Georgii Danelia, 1978, ZVC 1440 (dubbed from Georgian into Russian)
  • Monanieba = Pokaianie = Repentance/ by Tengiz Abulaze, 1987, ZVC 7491 (Georgian with spoken Russian translation)
  • Ne Goriui/ by Georgii Danelia, 1969, ZVC 1492 (Russian)
  • Neskol'ko Interv'iu Po Lichnym Voprosam = Several Interviews on Personal Questions/ by Lana Gogoberidze, 1979, ZVC 1050
  • Otets Soldata = A Soldier's Father/ by Rezo Chkheidze, 1964, ZVC 1284 (Russian and Georgian; Georgian dialog voiced over in Russian; English subtitles)
  • Pasport/ by Georgii Danelia, 1990 ZVC 4210 (in Russian)
  • Pokaianie See Monanieba
  • Ramodenime Interviu Pirad Sakitkhebze See Neskol'ko Interv'iu Po Lichnym Voprosam
  • Repentance See Monanieba
  • Several Interviews on Personal Questions See Neskol'ko Interv'iu Po Lichnym Voprosam
  • A Soldier's Father See Otets Soldata
  • Soviet Union/ by Nakagawa Kunihiko, Ichihashi Yuji, ZVC 3142 PT. 3 of 4 (English)
  • Teplo Tvoikh Ruk = Warmth of Your Hands/ by Shota Managadze, Nodar Managadze, 1987, ZVC 1257 (Russian dialog, English subtitles)
  • Warmth of Your Hands See Teplo Tvoikh Ruk

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