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SUL Human Resources

SUL Request to Post Job

This document is also available as a Microsoft Word file. Right-click here to download.


Job Posting Checklist

_____ E-mail the electronic version of the Job Description to Aubrey Munoz 

_____ E-mail or deliver this completed & signed form to SUL Human Resources, Green Library East, Rm 241D.  For those instances where your Director and University Librarian are not available, you may obtain an email approval to accompany this form.

_____ Sent Position Summary (if the job is new and not a replacement) and full job description with qualifications (in a format suitable for posting) to aelmunoz@stanford. For librarian positions, please send the vacancy announcement. Please refer to the Librarian Search Process on the SUL HR website.

_____ All candidates you interviewed have completed the Stanford Application. The Stanford Application will not be accepted if it is not completed in its entirety.

_____ I have decided on the candidate and submitted the Request to Hire form to Sheilaugh Sebastian for non-exempt hires and to Gary Harris or Catalina Rodriguez for exempt hires.


 Hiring Manager Information

  • The job must be posted on Stanford Careers for a minimum of 10 calendar days. The posting period begins when the position opens on the Stanford Careers page.
  • All applicants must apply by going to Stanford Careers and clicking on the Apply button for the job(s) to which they wish to apply.
  • The Hiring Officer will receive the applicants’ resumes through e-mail.
  • Once you have your desired pool of applicants, and you have satisfied the required 10 days of posting, please send an email message to Aubrey Munoz at to request your job be taken down from Stanford Careers. Doing so means you do not have to acknowledge/review/interview any candidates whose applications arrive after the job has been taken down.
  • Please refer to the Staff Search Process (workflow for posting to hire) on the SUL HR website for information on running a search in SUL. 
  • Please see the Office of Staff Employment website for policies, interviewing tips, and other hiring resources.
  • The hiring officer has a regulatory responsibility to enter disposition data into Trovix for all applicants. Please see the Easy Reference Guide to Trovix for Managers.


Request to Post Job

Department Name:                Org code (e.g., JZZZ):             Date of request:        

Double posting (if double posting explain both pay grades in Funding Source section)[1]: Select from the drop down menu

Pay Grade(s) (e.g., 3P1):      
Classification Title(s) (e.g., Library Specialist):                                                    
Working Title(s) (e.g., Serials Receiver):      
% FTE:     
Incumbent name (e.g., who is being replaced):      
     Candidate identified?

Name of candidate [3] :      

Type of position:     








Position Duration:



Duration of Fixed Term:      

Funding Type:


Grant Name:      
Grant Duration:      

Funding Source:

  • Indicate the Current Budget Amount for this Position:      
  • Expected Salary Cost to Fill Position (if more than #1, then complete #3):    
  • Source of Funding for Additional Cost (Explain):      

New Position:
Position number:      
PTA(s) (e.g., 1234567-1-ABCDE):      

PTA % Distribution (if more than one used, e.g., 75% 25%):      

Funding expiration date(s) of PTA(s) if applicable:      

Justification for posting:      




Phone #:



Director Approval:



Finance signature:                      




Michael Keller’s signature*:



*If online approval, please attach the email correspondence

Posting Details
Mail code (4 digit number) [4] :      
Work Schedule:      
Work Location (bldg/room):      
Work Phone:      
Name of Hiring Officer (HO):                     HO contact information:      

Names of people for Watch List for this job, if applicable [5] :      

This position supervises/directs the work of staff?

This position supervises/directs the work of temps/students?

Will this position be a TLA? [6]

Specific date before which job should not open, if applicable:      


Advertisement Details

Where would you like this job advertised?      

All jobs posted through PeopleSoft are automatically announced in:

•Stanford Careers:
•Northern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC):
•National Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC):
•Veterans in Higher Education:

Distlists where you will post job (only for HR’s records) [7] :      

Special Requests/Comments:      


[1] Double posting a position means posting at 2 or more pay grades (e.g., 3P1 and 3P2) to allow for more flexibility in hiring. If you are double posting the position, you must include the additional qualifications needed for the applicant to meet the higher pay grade.

[2] A waiver means the job will not be posted and the 10 day posting period is not needed.

[3] We will note this situation in the Stanford Jobs posting by adding the line: “There is a strong candidate identified for this position.”

[4] This is the code used for ID mail.

[5] If you would like another person to receive the resumes as well, please let us know to add the name to the Watch List. People on the Watch List will not be able to log into Trovix, however.

[6] TLA is a Time and Leave Administrator who has responsibility for reviewing the unit’s timecards.

[7] Posting on various distribution lists is the responsibility of the Hiring Officer. . If you wish your job posted at places outside of Stanford, please list the places in the appropriate area of the form.



SUL Human Resources Use Only:

Job Classification Code(s):

SH  Prevention Training?   Yes or No

Job Classification Title(s):

HRM Approver’s Signature










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