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SUL Human Resources

Resignation/Transfer Form

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"A resignation is a voluntary termination of employment by the employee. At least two weeks prior notice of resignation is expected from nonexempt employees, and at least four weeks prior notice is expected from exempt employees." - Administrative Guide Memo 22.8 (1a) & (1b)


A. EMPLOYEE to complete:


Employee's Name: _______________________________________


Employee ID: ___________________________


Department: _______________________________________________


I hereby give notice of my intention to resign from my employment at Stanford University or from Stanford University Libraries/SU/HighWire Press. My last day of work at Stanford University or SUL/SU/HighWire Press will be (date and time): ________________________

**Note: Leave cannot be used on last day unless you are a retiree using terminal vacation


Reason for Resignation or transfer: _______________________________________________________


Department at Stanford University to which I am transferring (if applicable): ____________________________


Contact name and number at above department: ________________________________________________


How would you like to receive your final paycheck?
Sent via U.S. mail to your mailing address in StanfordYou
Available at the exit interview
Available for you to pick up at Tresidder on your last day of work*

*Final check should be picked up by the employee on the last workday after 3:00 PM at the Campus Service Counter located at Tresidder Memorial Union, 2nd Floor, on the south end of the building, facing the Tresidder parking lot. Please bring a photo ID card.


COBRA questions can be answered by calling the Benefits Office (650.736.2985).

In order for us to make sure you receive your COBRA information and W-2, please update/confirm your address on StanfordYou and indicate your address below.

Street Address                                                                                                                

City                                          State/Country                            Zip Code                      


Employee's Signature:                                                                 Date:                           


Supervisor's Signature:                                                                Date:                           


Department's Responsibility


By the last day of employment, supervisors need to do the applicable items below. Please check off items as they are completed and return completed form to LHRD Green Library East, Rm 241D.

Termination Checklist


Return University ID card (not applicable for official retirees) to the Human Resources Office (if ID card is combined with Wells Fargo, employee must contact Wells Fargo ASAP).


Contact SUL Tech Support ( about retrieving any computer equipment, laptops, etc.


Remove access to departmental computers and systems, including Local Area Networks.


Contact SUL Tech Support ( to cancel email account.


Contact SUL Tech Support ( to cancel other accounts (Sundial, UNIX, NT logon, etc.).


Contact SUL Tech Support ( to disconnect any University-paid utilities maintained at employeeês home (e.g., DSL line).


Retrieve or disable any electronic access cards.


Cancel telephone authorization code.


Cancel University signature authority.


Contact Facilities ( to cancel or transfer phone line(s).


Change password on any shared computer accounts.


Contact Facilities ( about collecting building keys, keys to University-owned vehicles, cell phone, pager, etc.


Retrieve all University credit cards and Purchasing Cards (Pcards). Contact Liane Pfeiffer at 725-9102 to cancel AMEX Corporate Cards. Contact Purchasing Card Administration ( and JMorganChase at (800) 316-6056 ext 7340 to cancel Pcards.


Verify the return of all University property and reference materials (e.g., department files, manuals, computer files).


Verify the return of all library materials borrowed from the University or Coordinate Libraries. Check with Robert Mantovani (723-1492) at Green Library Privileges.


Contact Human Resources (723-8251) if this termination occurs less than a year after the employee was hired, and the employee received a relocation allowance.


Employee should contact SUL Human Resources (723-8251) to schedule an exit interview.


Employee should print any past pay statements from Axess. After the employee’s last day he/she will not be able to log-on to Axess.  

Employee should update home address and phone in Stanford.You for W-2 and COBRA information.


Refer employee to Transportation Services at 340 Bonair Siding for possible prorated refund on parking permit.



Supervisor's Signature:                                                                                      Date:


Stanford University Libraries
Human Resources
Green Library East, Rm 241D
Stanford, CA 94305-6004
Phone: 723-8251; FAX 725-0743

Last modified: February 27, 2013

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