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SULAIR Human Resources

Librarian Search Process

Procedure Responsibility of:
Appoint Search Officer and/or Search Committee Director
Prepare Request to Post Job and Hire Form & forward to University Librarian for approval Director
Prepare Vacancy Announcement & forward to HR Search Officer
Meet w/ HR to discuss classification, search level, recruitment scope, ad placement & budget Search Officer
Place ad & work w/ recruiting agency through Stanford’s Office of Staff Employment Sheilaugh
Distribute Vacancy Announcement or ad text to individuals & listserves Search Officer
Organize Search File Search Officer
Receive & log in résumés/applications using candidate disposition data in Trovix Search Officer
Send out acknowledgments of receipt of résumé/application Search Officer
Screen résumés/applications Search Committee

Identify selection criteria

Search Committee

Prioritize résumés

Search Committee
Request references and completed SU Employment Application (SU-29) of top candidates Search Committee
Send out rejection letters (1 st cut) Search Officer
Evaluate reference letters and Applications & identify candidates Search Committee
Interview Arrangements: select interviewers Search Committee

Develop interview content

Search Officer

Develop interview schedule

Search Officer

Arrange schedule w/ interviewers & interviewee(s)

Search Officer

Finalize interview schedule

Search Officer

Handle logistics (book rooms, food, equipment, etc.)

Search Officer
Travel arrangements (if applicable)  

Airplane reservation, rental car

Candidate’s responsibility

Hotel, dinner reservations, etc.

Search Officer
Prepare candidate packets and schedule meeting with HR for candidate Search Officer
Prepare & distribute interviewer packets which include: Search Officer

Cover memo stating date to return to Search Committee the evaluation data on each applicant


Interview schedules


Cover letter & résumé for each candidate


Copy of Vacancy Announcement

After interviews do comparative assessments of candidates Search Committee
Prepare & forward to Sheilaugh the Search Report (optional), Supplementary Request to Hire Memo, and all the resumes/Applications of everyone who applied for Director, financial, & HR approval Search Officer
Review search packet, recommend offer salary Catalina/Gary
Download & prepare appropriate sample offer letter & acceptance letter from HR website Search Officer
Collect appropriate packet of hire forms from HR hallway Search Officer
Send offer letter, acceptance letter, Blue Book, & appropriate hire packet to candidate Search Officer
Send copy of offer letter to Sheilaugh Search Officer
After candidate’s acceptance, notify candidates not chosen who were not already notified using Sample Candidate Notification Letter  
Complete search file should contain:  

Vacancy Announcement


Résumés/Applications & cover letters of all applicants


Interview schedules


All interviewers’ evaluations


Search Report (if exists) and Supplementary Request to Hire Memo

Forward completed search file to Sheilaugh Search Officer


Last modified: January 21, 2011

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