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British Documents

British Cabinet Office Records on the Second World War | British Government Archival Resources at Stanford | British State Papers and Calendars | British Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts

Guide to Government Publications Series

British Government Archival Resources: Handbooks, Indexes

British National Archives
The Public Record Office and the Historical Manuscripts Commission were merged in 2003 and is responsible for the records of the central government and the courts of law. The collection is one of the largest in the world and covers period from the 11th century to the present day.

Stanford Public Record Office microfilm holdings

Atherton, L
‘Never complain, never explain’: records of the Foreign Office and State Paper Office 1500-c.1960, by L. Atherton. London, Public Record Office, 1994.
(Public Record Office Readers’ Guide no.7)
Includes bibliography.
JX1783.A97 1994

Atherton, Louise.
SOE: operations in Scandinavia, a guide to the newly released records in the Public Record Office. 1994.
D810.S7.A84 1994

Bullen, Roger.
The Foreign Office 1782-1982. 1984.
JX1784.A4 1984 SSRC-reading room

Cantwell, John D.
The Public Record Office 1838-1958. 1990.
CD1046 1990 A7 SSRC-reading room

Cantwell, John D.
The Public Record Office 1959-1969. 2000.
CD1043.3.C3732 2000 SSRC-reading room

Cantwell, John D.
The Second World War: a guide to documents in the Public Record Office
3ed., rev. Public Record Office, National Archives, 1998.
(Public Record Office handbook number 15)
DA25.B12 1998 SSRC-reading room

Giuseppi, M.S.
Guide to the Contents of the Public Record Office. 1963-68. 3 volumes.
Vol.1: Legal records, etc.; -- Vol.2: State Papers and Departmental Record; Vol.3: Documents Transferred 1960-1966
CD1043.A553 SSRC-reading room

Great Britian. Public Record Office.
Records of the Foreign Office 1782-1939. 1969.
(Public Record Office handbook no.13)

Great Britain. Public Record Office.
Records of the Foreign Office, 1782-1968, by Micharel Roper. 2nd ed. 2002.
Public Record Office handbook no. 33)
CD1051.A6 2002

House of Commons parliamentary papers 1801-1900: a guide to Chadwyck-Healey microfiche edition. 1991. The listed documents are available Microfiche 446 SSRC
Z2019 .C62 1991

Index to current House of Commons parliamentary papers, 1801-to date.
Z2020.3 .H66 IC-cdroms

Jenkinson, Hilary.
Guide to seals in the Public Record Office. 2nd ed. 1968.
(Public Record Office handbook number 1)
CD5882.A3B3) SSRC-reading room

Kew lists microfiche. Public Record Office. HMSO Books. 1986, 1988.
"The Kew lists include, in alphanumeric order of class code, all the class lists of records normally kept, and made available for public inspection, at the Public Record Office at Kew. Classes normally kept at the Public Record Office, Chancery Lane, are not included"--Introd., p. 34.
Current guide. pt. 1. Administrative histories (42 microfiches). pt. 2. Class descriptions ([6] microfiches). pt. 3. Index (10 microfiches). -- Kew lists (3484 microfiches
Mfiche 2413

Lawes, Aidan
Chancery Lane: “the strong box of the Empire” 1377-1977. 1996.
CD1043.3.L39 1996

List & Index Society, 1965-
Copies of lists and indexes from the Public Record Office, London, and other British public archives
CD1040 .L5 F

List of Cabinet papers 1915 and 1916; Public Record Office. London, H.MSO, 1966
(Handbook no. 9)
CD1047 .C3 1966

Lists and indexes. New York, Krauss reprint. 1963.
Originally published 1892 to 1926 in 55 vols. Volumes 3 and 41 not reprinted as they are superseded by volumes 43 and 52 respectively.
53 vols. In 54

Mallabar, Kenneth A.
House of Lords sessional papers. 1971.
In Journal of librarianship, volume 4(2) 1972. page 106-114.

Martin, G.H.
The records of the nation: the Public Record Office, 1838-1988, the British Record Society, 1888-1988; edited by G.H. Martin and Peter Spufford. Woodbridge, Suffolk, Boydell Press. 1990.
Records of the Cabinet Office to 1922.; the Public Record Office. London, HMSO. 1966.
(Handbooks no.11)
CD1047 .C3 1966A

Royal Historical Manuscripts Commission
Papers of British cabinet ministers 1782-1900
(Guides to sources for British history 1)
Z2016.R1 vol.1 SSRC reading room

Royal Historical Manuscripts Commission
The prime ministerspapers 1801-1902
CD1064.B7 SSRC reading room

Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts
Private papers of British diplomats 1782-1900
(Guides to sources for British history 4)
Z2016.R1 vol.4 SSRC reading room

Swann, Brenda
Records of interest to social scientists 1919-39 introduction, by B. Swann and M Turnbull; Public Record Office. London HMSO. 1971.
(Public Record Office handbook no.14)
CD1046 1971 A47

Swann, Brenda
Records of interest to social scientists, 1919-1939: employment and unemployment. 1978.
(Public Record Office handbook number 18)
HD5765.A6 G76 1978 SSRC-reading room

Temperley, Harold and L.M. Penson
A century of diplomatic blue books, 1814-1914. 1938.
Z2009 .T28 SSRC-reading room

Vogel, Robert.
A breviate of British diplomatic blue books 1919-1939. 1963
Z2009.V65 1963 SSRC-reading room

Thurston, Anne
Sources for colonial studies in the Public Record Office, by Anne Tburston. 1995.
Vol. 1: "A revised and expanded version of Public Record Office handbook no. 3: Records of the Colonial and Dominions Offices by R.B. Pugh." Published in 1964.
v. 1. Records of the Colonial Office, Dominions Office, Commonwealth Relations Office and Commonwealth Office -- v. 2. Records of the Cabinet, Foreign Office, Treasury and other records.
CD1043.3 .T54 1995


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