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International Documents

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Development Information from Government Sources

Guide to Government Publications Series



This guide provides an introduction to basic information sources located in the Green Library Information Center, Social Sciences Resource Center and Jonsson Library of Government Documents relating to the study of economic, social and political development in countries and regions throughout the world. In addition to the sources listed here, useful information can be found in several other Stanford libraries, including the Jackson Business Library and Hoover Institute Library.


The following annual publications of major international organizations provide information on development trends at the global and regional levels.

1. Asian Development Outlook. Asian Development Bank, 1989--
HC411 .A17 Green Stacks

2. Economic and Social Progress in Latin America. Inter-American Bank for Development, 1972--
HG3881 I45 A3 (latest Information Center--Statistics)

3.Economic Report on Africa. African Development Bank; Economic Commission for Africa, 1984--
HC800 .A1 .A353A Green Stacks

4. Human Development Report.Development Programme, 1990- .
HD72 .H85 (latest in Information Center--Statistics; full set shelved in SSRC-DOCS as UNDP/Ser.Z/7/- )

5. Industry & Development, Global Report. UN Industrial Development Organization, 1985--
HC59.69 .I53 (latest in Information Center--Statistics)

6. Trade & Development Report. UN Conference on Trade and Development, 1981--
HF1008 .T7 (latest in Information Center--Statistics)

7. Trends in Developing Economies. World Bank, 1989- .
HC59.69 T74 (latest in Information Center--Statistics)

8. World Bank Annual Report. World Bank, 1973/74--
HG3881 I5 (latest in IC--Current Periodicals)

9. World Development Report. World Bank, 1978--
HC59.7 W658 (latest in Information Center-Statistics; full set in SSRC)
All issues from 1978 to present are available on cdrom at SSRC-Reception Desk

10. World Economic Outlook. International Monetary Fund, 1980--
International HC10 W7979 (latest in Information Center--Statistics)


11. Europa World Year Book. Europa Publications, 1989--
JN106 Z85 (latest in Information Center)
The best source for concise economic, social and political background information on individual countries.

The following monographic series provide in-depth information on particular countries:

12. Area Handbook Series. US Dept. of the Army
D 101.22:550- (various numbers) Green Library - Federal Documents
Green Library Information Center (call no. varies)

13. World Bank Country Study. World Bank
Green Library stacks (call no.varies)

Use "fin tp world bank country study and s [country name]" in Socrates to get call number for studies on a particular country.


14. Academic Universe Congressional Information Service, 1970--
Internet : http://www.lexis-
Web-based index to U.S. Congressional publications (committee hearings, reports, documents, etc.) since 1970. A cdrom called Congressional Masterfile covering the years 1789-1969 is available at the Library CD-ROM Network

15. AccessUN. New Canaan, CT: Newsbank, 1952- .
Internet :
Electronic index to UN masthead documents, official records and selected sales publications including journal articles published since 1952. Permits searching across multi-year time span on various subjects. Includes full text resolutions, selected meeting records, and links to UN documents on the web. Allows searching by various document numbers and for speeches by representatives of various countries. Serves also as guide to the corresponding microfiche collection shelvedin SSRC Microforms Room as Microfiche 959. The URL for the AccessUN database is:

16. Africa Index: Selected Articles on Socio-Economic Development. Economic Commission for Africa, 1971- .

17. AID's Development Information System (CD-DIS). U.S. Agency for International Development. 1984--
CD-ROM shelved at SSRC Reception Desk
Index to AID-funded research studies, sector analyses, and special evaluations. Source documents are held at UC Davis. Request at Jonsson reference desk.

18. Asian Bibliography. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Library, 1952-- .
Z3008 E2 U5 (latest in Information Center)

19. Industrial development abstracts. UN Industrial Development Organization, 1971--
Index to UNIDO published and unpublished documents on industrialization in developing countries.

20. PAIS International New York: Public Affairs Information Service, 1972-
Internet :
Web and print-based index to English and foreign language books, pamphlets, journal articles, and government publications in the area of public affairs and public policy. Print versions going back to 1915 are available in the Green Library Information Center and several other library locations. The web version is available at:

21. UNBISnet (United Nations Bibliographic Information System). United Nations Library, 1979-
Internet :
Comprehensive official index to UN documents and publications. Provides access by subject, country name, document number, agency and personal name. Includes full text of UN resolutions and voting records. Also includes an index of non-United Nations journal articles and monographs on a wide variety of international policy environment topics.


  • International

    22. Global Development Finance. World Bank, 1997-
    HJ8899 .W672 (latest in Information Center--Statistics)
    CD-ROM HJ8011.W921 SSDS

    23. Handbook of International Trade & Development Statistics. UN Conference on Trade and Development, 1967--
    HF1016 .U54A (latest in Information Center-Statistics)

    24. Index to International Statistics. Congressional Information Service, 1983--
    Z7552 .I53 SSRC
    Index to the statistical publications of major international organizations and agencies. Most of the publications described are available in the corresponding microfiche collection in the Jonsson Library's reference stacks. Also available for electronic searching on Internet as Statistical Universe.

    25. World Development Indicators. World Bank, 1978--
    Library CD-ROM Network
    CD-ROM HC59.15 W656 SSDS

  • World Regions

    26. African Development Report. African Development Bank, 1989-
    HC800 A1 A354 Green Library Stacks

    27. African Development Indicators. World Bank, 1989-.
    HC800 .A1 A356 (latest Information Center--Statistics
    CD-ROM HC800 .A5653 SSDS

    28. African Statistical Yearbook. Economic Commission for Africa, 1974--
    HA1955 .U5 (latest in Information Center--Statistics)

    29. Survey of Economic & Social Conditions in Africa. Economic Commission for Africa, 1981/82--
    HC800 .A1 S88 (latest in Information Center--Statistics; copy 2 shelved as E/ECA/CM.14/- Green-Int'l Docs)

    30. Economic & Social Survey of Asia & the Pacific. Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 1974--
    HC411 .U48 (latest in Information Center--Statistics)

    31. Key Indicators of Developing Asian and Pacific Countries. Asian Development Bank, 1970--
    HC411 A754a (latest in Information Center--Statistics)

    32. Statistical Indicators for Asia & the Pacific. Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 1977--
    HC411.S73 (latest in Information Center-Statistics; 1999- Green Stks; earlier ST/ESCAP/Ser.Z/4/-Green-Intl-Docs)

    33. Statistical Yearbook for Asia & the Pacific. Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific, 1968--
    HA1665 .S73 (latest in Information Center--Statistics)

    34. Economic Survey of Latin America & the Caribbean. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, 1982--
    HC161 .U525 (latest in Information Center-Stats; copy 2 shelved as LC/G.1320/- Green-Int'l Docs)

    35. Panorama Economico de America Latina. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, 1985--
    LC/G.1369/- SSRC-DOCS

    36. Statistical Abstract of the Region of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, 1970--
    E/ESCWA/87/27/- SSRC-DOCS

    37. Statistical Yearbook for Latin America & the Caribbean. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, 1985--
    LC/G.1337/- (latest in Information Center--Statistics)

    38. Statistical Abstract of Latin America. UCLA Latin American Center, 1955-
    HA935 S8 (latest in Information Center--Statistics)

    39. Economic Survey of Europe in... Economic Commission for Europe, 1953--
    E/ECE/Ser.Z/1/- SSRC-DOCS

  • National

    The Stanford Libraries collect statistical yearbooks from nearly all countries. The latest issue from each country is shelved in the SSRC Reading Room collection. The call numbers for the yearbook for a particular country can be located in Socrates using the following search:

    "fin sp [country name]--statistics--periodicals"


  • Multilateral

    40. Development Aid. Butterworth's, 1988.
    HG3881 D43 IGO SSRC
    Useful directory to multilateral and bilateral aid sources worldwide. Annotations include description of each agency or government's objectives and methods with regard to foreign aid funding.

    41. Development Co-operation: Efforts and Policies of the Members of the Development Assistance Committee. Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development, 1972--
    HC60 O688 (latest in Information Cntr--Int'l Stats)
    Statistical Annex Diskette HC59.8 O744 (SSDS)

    42. Geographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries: Disbursements, Commitments, Economic Indicators. OECD, 1960/64--
    HC60 O73d f Green Stacks

    43. Register of Development Activities of the UN System. UN, 1987--
    ACCIS/Ser.Z/2/- (latest in SSRC-DOCS)
    Annual publication that provides information on development support for countries and regions. Includes: types of activity; funding source; executing agencies; years of operation; and amounts.

    44. U.S. Overseas Loans and Grants and Assistance from International Organizations. Agency for International Development, 1945/63--
    S 18.2:0v2/- Green-Federal Documents

  • Bilateral

    Countries with significant foreign assistance plans generally publish annual reviews and other reports that document these flows. Foreign documents are generally found in the Green Stacks and the Hoover Institute Library. They are cataloged in Socrates. In order to locate them, use a subject approach as in the following examples:

    "fin sp economic assistance, british"
    "fin sp economic assistance, canadian--africa"
    "fin sp economic assistance, japanese--developing countries"


  • FAO-sponsored

    Reports on projects funded by the Food and Agriculture Organization are generally indexed in FAO- DOC Current Bibliography (shelved in the SSRC). The project reports are available within the FAO comprehensive microfiche collection at UC Davis. Stanford users can request documents from this collection through Inter-library Services. Reports published after 1997 are available on the FAO web site:

  • UNDP-sponsored

    Since 1966, the UNDP has funded a wide variety of projects worldwide in agriculture, education and literacy, political/administrative development, health care, urban planning, transportation, sanitation, manufacturing, and other areas. Reports on UNDP-funded projects--including progress reports and terminal or final reports--are sent to the UNDP library in New York. Several hundred are published each year. Each project is assigned a "project number" and any published reports are issued under this number. UC Berkeley has the complete set of reports published between 1972-1998 on microfiche. The following two sources index the reports and can be used to request copies from the Berkeley collection at Inter-library Services. Note that full-text of current UNDP reports published after 1998 are available directly on the UNDP web site:

    45. Compendium of Ongoing Projects as of... UNDP, 1983--
    International UNDP/SER. A/ (latest in Reference)

    46.AccessUNDP. Newsbank/Readex, 1972-1998.
    This web resource provides complete indexing to the microfiche collection of project reports published by UNDP between 1972-1998 available through direct loan arrangement with the UC Berkeley library. Searchable by subject, country, region, executing agency, and language.

  • UNESCO-sponsored

    UNESCO-sponsored development projects in the areas of literacy, communication, education, and the other areas of its competency are described in reports of the Field Offices. These reports are indexed in UNESBIB which is available on cdrom in the SSRC and also on the internet at All reports published between 1969-1994 are available on microfiche in the SSRC Microforms collection as Mfiche 2415 (the collection is arranged by UNESCO microfiche "fr" number which is indicated in the UNESBIB record for the report). Reports published since 1995 are available on the UNESCO web site.

  • World Bank-sponsored

    The World Bank web page at provides a searchable catalog of World Bank publications in addition to a wealth of current information about Bank activities. The new Public Information Center site includes full text or abstracts of project-related documents published since 1994 including: Economic & Sector Reports; Environmental Assessments; National Environment Action Plans; and much more.


    • National

      The Stanford Libraries collect national development plans from nearly all countries. References to the latest published plans can be found in the following publication:

      47. Guide to Official Publications of Foreign Countries. CIS, 1990.
      Z7164.G7 G83 1990 IC and SSRC

      In addition, the UC Berkeley Library receives national development plans worldwide as republished on microfiche. The citations for these plans can be found by searching the Melvyl catalog:

      "fin su [country name]--social policy and su [country name]--economic policy"

    • Regions within Nations

      48. Rural and Regional Development: Development Plans, Programmes, and Projects. IDC, 1995-.
      Microfiche 2160 SSRC-FICHE

      This collection of over 700 documents includes a significant number of subnational development plans--both at the state or province and regional levels. The citations for individual reports can be found by performing an "Expert Search" in SOCRATES using the following syntax:
      se "rural and regional development" and su [country name]
      A printed guide is shelved as HT395.D44 R87 1996 in the SSRC.


    The Jackson Business Library collects central bank publications from all countries. In order to find these publications, verify the name of the nation's central bank by looking in the following directory.

    49. State Economic Agencies of the World. Longmans
    HD87.25 G68 1985b SSRC

    After identifying the name of the bank, use an organization phrase search in Socrates to identify relevant publications, as in the example:

    "fin op Bank of Japan"


    Regional organizations are often rich sources of information relevant to development issues. A few examples of such organizations include the African Development Bank, Central American Common Market, Inter-American Development Bank, Southern African Development Co-ordination Conference, and the Economic Community of West African States. Information about these and other organizations, including their membership, organizational structure, activities, and publications, can be found in the Europa World Year Book.



    50. Documents on Education Development. IDC.
    Microfiche 2269 Cubberley Education Library

    Over 600 development projects, research reports, conference papers, statistical reports, etc. on the development of education in the Third World, based on the bibliographies by Diana Clayton. Many of these publications concern locally produced material regarded as grey literature and are very difficult to collect. The citations for individual reports can be found by performing an "Expert Search" in SOCRATES using the following syntax:
    se "documents on education development" and su [country name]
    A printed guide is shelved as LC6205 D63 1996 in the SSRC and Cubberley Library Reference collections.

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