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International Documents

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Sources of Comparative International Statistics

Guide to Government Publications Series



This guide lists key subject-based statistical reports in paper from major international governmental organizations. Publications of US agencies and non-governmental organizations are listed in certain cases where no appropriate IGO publication is available. Many of these publications are annual or recurring publications. The latest version is shelved in the Information Center-Statistics Section. In addition, a microfiche version of nearly all of these reports can be found in the Index to International Statistics (IIS) microfiche collection shelved in the Social Sciences Resource Center (SSRC) microfiche collection.

The best index to international statistics is the Index to International Statistics (IIS). Published since 1983, this index is available on the web as Statistical Universe. A print version of the Index to International Statistics on shelves just outside the SSRC microfiche collection.

Electronic versions of many of the publications listed below are available in the Social Sciences Data Service (SSDS), other Stanford libraries, or on the Internet. For Stanford library holdings, search the computer file in Socrates. For selected online IGO data sets available on the internet, consult the international category of the Statistics and Numeric Data page.


  • Historical Statistics, 1960-1993 [OECD] HC10 O42 (diskette in SSDS)
  • UN Statistical Yearbook HA 125 U63 (note: a full second run of this title is shelved in the SSRC Documents Collection under the call number ST/ESA/STAT/Ser.S/1) (cdrom in SSDS)
  • Human Development Report [UNDP] HD72 H85 1999 (note: a full second run of this title is shelve in SSRC-Documents Collection under the call number UNDP/Ser.Z/7/1995) (diskette in SSDS)
  • World Bank Atlas [World Bank] G1046 G1I5
  • World Development Indicators [WORLD BANK] HC59 I5 W656 (cdrom in SSDS)


  • The State of the World's Children [UNICEF] HQ792.2 S732


  • Statistical Yearbook [UNESCO] HA42 U5
  • Statistics on Radio and Television 1960-1976. [UNESCO-Statistical Rpts & Studies, no.23] HE8689.4 U54 1979f
  • World Communication Report [UNESCO] P91 W62 1997f
  • World Information Report [UNESCO] Z674.4 W67
  • World Telecommunication Development Report [ITU] HE756 W67f
  • Yearbook of Common Carrier Telecommunication Statistics [ITU] HE7601 A55


  • Demographic Yearbook [UN] HA17 D45 (note: a full second run of this title is shelve in SSRC-Documents Collection under the call number ST/ESA/STAT/Ser.R./)
  • Demographic Yearbook Special Edition: Population Aging and the Situation of Elderly Persons [UN] ST/ESA/STAT/Ser.R/22 SSRC-Documents Collection
  • Fertility in the Developing World [World Fertility Study] HB1108 F465 1984 f
  • Sex and Age Distribution of the World Populations: 1994 Revision [UN] IN PROCESS FOR INFO CNTR
  • World Population Monitoring, 1993 spec topic: refugees [UN] ST/ESA/Ser.A/126 SSRC-Documents Collection
  • World Population Projections [World Bank] HA154 W66
  • World Population Prospects [UN] HA155 W68 (tape in SSDS)
  • World Demographic Estimates and Projections 1950-2025 [UN] ST/ESA/Ser.R/79 SSRC-Documents Collection


  • African Development Indicators [WORLD BANK/UNDP] HC800 A5653 1992
  • Global Economic Prospects & the Developing Countries [WORLD BANK] HC59.69 G58
  • Emerging Stock Markets Factbook, 1995 [IFC] HG5993 E57
  • Historically Planned Economies: A Guide to the Data [WORLD BANK] HC704 H48 1993
  • Industry and Development: Global Report[UNIDO] IN PROCESS
  • The Least Developed Countries [UNCTAD] HC59.7 L438
  • Trends in Developing Economies [WORLD BANK] HC59.69 T74
  • World Development Report [WORLD BANK] HC59.7 W659 (note: a full second run of this title is shelve in SSRC-Reading Room under the call number HD59.7 W659)(cdrom at SSRC-Reception Desk)


  • Development Cooperation, Annual Report of the Development Assistance Committee [OECD] HC60 O688 (cdrom in SSDS)
  • Geographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries, 1989/1992 [OECD] HC60 O73D f
  • Global Development Finance[WORLD BANK] HJ8899 W672 (cdrom in SSDS)


  • OECD Economic Outlook [OECD] HC10 O18
  • UNDP Poverty Report HC79 P65 O847
  • Main Economic Indicators: Historical Statistics: Prices, Labour and Wages [OECD] HC59 O752 (tape in SSDS)
  • World Economic and Social Survey [UN] ST/ESA/8/1995
  • World Economic Outlook [IMF] HC10 W7979


  • Compendium of Statistics on Illiteracy 1995 ed. [UNESCO-Statistical Rpts & Studies] LC149 .C64 1995 F
  • Statistical Yearbook[UNESCO] HA42 U5
  • World Education Report [UNESCO] LA132 .W695 F
  • World Social Science Report [UNESCO] IN PROCESS


  • Electricity Information [OECD-IEA] HD9685.A1 E44
  • Energy Balances and Electricity Profiles [UN] ST/ESA/STAT/Ser.W/1 SSRC-Documents Collection
  • Energy Policies of IEA Countries [OECD-IEA] HD9502.A1 I56A
  • Energy Prices and Taxes[OECD-IEA] HD9502.A1 E545
  • Energy Statistics and Balances of OECD Countries [OECD-IEA] IN PROCESS
  • Energy Statistics and Balances of Non-OECD Countries [OECD-IEA] HD9502.D44 E53
  • Energy Statistics Yearbook [UN] HD9502 .A1 E547
  • Natural Gas Information [OECD-IEA] HD9581 A1 N22
  • Oil Information{OECD-IEA] HD9560.1 O354
  • OPEC Annual Statistical Bulletin HD9560.4 O735
  • World Energy Outlook [OECD-IEA] HD9502 A2 W88


  • Environmental Data Report [UNEP-GEMS] GF41 E618
  • OECD Environmental Data: Compendium . TD172 O36
  • State of the Environment [OECD]. HC79 E5572 1991


  • Government Finance Statistics Yearbook [IMF] HJ101 .G68
  • International Financial Statistics Yearbook [IMF] HG61 .I57 (tape in SSDS; cdrom at Jackson Business Library)
  • National Accounts Detailed Tables 1980-1992 [OECD] HC79.I5 N376 F
  • National Accounts Statistics: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables, 1991 [UN] IN PROCESS
  • Revenue Statistics of OECD Member Countries, 1965-1994. [OECD] HJ2279 .O75A F
  • System of National Accounts [EU-IMF-OECD-UN-WORLD BANK] HC79 I5 S973 1993 (cdrom in SSDS)


  • Commodity Market Review[FAO] HD1401 F63a
  • Food Consumption Statistics, 1979-1988 [OECD] TX353 .O7 F
  • Production Yearbook [FAO] HD1421 .F585
  • State of Food and Agriculture [FAO] S401 .O6 A318
  • World Crop and Livestock Statistics, 1948-985 [FAO] SB71 .A16 1987


  • World Health Report[WHO] RA8 A265
  • World Health Statistics Annual [WHO] RA651 A485


  • Challenge of Urbanization: the World's Large Cities [UN] HT361 C45 1995
  • Cities: Statistical, Administrative, and Graphical Information [UNESCO] HT153 C551 1988 v.1-5
  • Construction Statistics Yearbook [UN] IN PROCESS
  • Global Report on Human Settlements [HABITAT] HT65 U54
  • Human Settlements Basic Statistics [HABITAT] IN PROCESS


  • Industrial Commodity Statistics Yearbook[UN] IN PROCESS
  • Industrial Structure Statistics [OECD] HC10 .I614
  • International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics [UNIDO] IN PROCESS


  • International Direct Investment Statistics Yearbook[OECD] HG4538 .I5355
  • World Investment Report [UNCTAD] IN PROCESS


  • Economically Active Population: Estimates 1950-1980; Projections 1985-2025, [ILO] HD5712 E26 1986f v.1-5
  • Labour Force Statistics, 1973-1993 [OECD] HD5701 .Q38 (diskette in SSDS)
  • Yearbook of Labour Statistics[ILO] HD4826 .I62 F
  • Yearbook of Labour Statistics, 1945-1989 [ILO] HD4826 .Y43 1990 F


  • Military Balance [Int'l Institute for Strategic Studies] UA15 L65
  • World Military and Social Expenditures [Ruth Sivard, ed.] HJ7469 W6
  • World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers [US] AC1.16:


  • Main Science and Technology Indicators [OECD] Q172.5 S34 M356 (diskette in SSDS)
  • Basic Science and Technology Statistics [OECD] Q172.5.S34 B37 (diskette in SSDS)


  • Services: Statistics on International Transactions, 1970-1991 [OECD] HD9980.4 .S47


  • Compendium of Social Statistics [UN] HA1 C57
  • Report on the World Social Situation[UN] IN PROCESS
  • Social Indicators of Development [WORLD BANK] HC59.15 .W656 (diskette in SSDS)


  • World Travel and Tourism Review; Indicators, Trends and Forecasts [CAB International] G155.A1 W68
  • Yearbook of Tourism [WTO] G149 I73f


  • Direction of Trade Statistics Yearbook [IMF] HF91 I65
  • FAO Trade Yearbook [FAO] HD9000.4 F58
  • Foreign Trade by Commodities [OECD] HF1016 .F67 F v.1-5
  • Handbook of International Trade and Development Statistics[UNCTAD] TD/STAT/[no.]
  • International Trade Statistics Yearbook [UN] HF91 U493
  • Trade and Development Report[UNCTAD] HT1008 T7
  • UNCTAD Commodity Yearbook [UNCTAD] HF1040 Y42
  • World Steel Trade, 1983-1993 [OECD] HD9510.4 W67 1995


  • Civil Aviation Statistics of the World [ICAO] HE9762.5 .C58


  • Compendium of Statistics and Indicators on the Situation of Women, 1986 [UN] HQ1154 C65 1986 (cdrom WISTAT in SSDS)
  • Women in Economic Activity: A Global Statistical Survey (1950-2000) [ILO; UNITAR; INSTRAW] HD6053 W65 1985
  • World Survey on the Role of Women in Development [UN]. ST/CSDHA/Ser.Z/1/1989
  • World's Women, 1995: Trends & Statistics [UN] IN PROCESS (cdrom WISTAT in SSDS)


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