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International Documents

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GATT/WTO Documents at Stanford

Guide to Government Publications Series


The World Trade Organization (WTO), established on 1 January 1995, is the legal and institutional foundation of the multilateral trading system. It provides the principal contractual obligations determining how governments frame and implement domestic trade legislation and regulations. And it is the platform on which trade relations among countries evolve through collective debate, negotiation and adjudication. Its predecessor, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, was established in 1947in Havana.

The Green Library was designated in 1952 as one of the original depository libraries for publications of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. And the Green Library remains an official depository for publications of the World Trade Organization.

The following guide outlines the basic resources for those beginning research on GATT and WTO at Stanford. In general, all major GATT and WTO publications, including texts of the various rounds of trade negotiations, and other basic publications offered for sale by the organization, can be found by searching Socrates, the Libraries’ web catalog.

The Social Sciences Resource Center (SSRC) houses a large collection of internal documents that have been derestricted and reproduced on microfiche. The collection and its indexes are described in the section below entitled Derestricted Documents.


WTO Guide to Documentation. Geneva, WTO: 1996.
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center: HF1371 W694 1996
Provides an overview of GATT and WTO publishing since 1948. Describes relationship of organizations to symbol numbers and document derestriction policies.

WTO Homepage
A tremendous source of background information about the organization including overviews of the organization's structure, dispute resolution process, trade policy review mechanism, and a variety of topical reviews (goods, services, environment, development, intellectual property). The site also includes full text of all derestricted documents issued since 1995, selected full text legal instruments, and an online facility for ordering publications.

WTO World Trade Organization: Trading into the Future. Geneva: WTO: 1999.
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center: HF1371 .W68 1999 F
Provides a broad overview of the organization's history, functions, structure, dispute resolution process, and sector overviews.


Analytical Index of the GATT: Guide to GATT Law & Practices. Sixth edition. Geneva, 1994.
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center: K4603 1947 .A44G85 1994
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center Microfiche: MFICHE 2407

A collection of decisions, panel reports and discussions between contracting parties which bear on the legal interpretation of the General Agreement through the end of November 1993.

Basic Instruments and Selected Documents (BISD). Geneva, GATT: 1952-1969.
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center: K4602 G46 v.1-4
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center Microfiche: MFICHE 2408

Reproduces the GATT base treaty and revisions.
Basic Instruments and Selected Documents: Supplement. Geneva, GATT: 1952-
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center: K4602 G462
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center Microfiche: MFICHE 2408 supplement

Annual publication reproducing protocols, decisions and key reports of the organization. A cumulative index to the series appears at the end of each supplement

Results of the Uruguay Round [CDROM]
Green Library, Media-Microtext: ZMS 937
Complete text and schedules resulting from the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations. Includes all the rules and commitments of each country, and all the schedules of concessions on goods and services. Includes product-by-product lists of tariff rates for merchandise goods and agricultural products, and schedules of commitments/exemptions on services.

Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations [Microform]:
Legal Instruments Embodying the Results of the Uruguay Round of the Multilateral Trade Negotiations done at Marrakesh on 15 April 1994.
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center Microfiche: MFICHE 2395


List and Index of Documents Issued in [year]. Geneva, GATT: 1981- current
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center: Z7164 T2 G46B
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center Microfiche: MFICHE 2387

This is an annual detailed index to GATT documents issued since and WTO documents issued since 1995. The documents are indexed by: subject; product; country; articles of the main legal texts; and other GATT instruments. Cumulative editions cover 1984-1988 and 1989-1992.

List of Documents Issued From [year].; Documents Index for [year]. Geneva, GATT: 1948-1980
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center Microfiche: MFICHE 2386
These predecessors to the List and Index of Documents above were issued irregularly between 1948 and 1980. For some years a combined List and Index was issued. For other years the List is issued annually and a Documents Index is issued annually or semiannually.

List & Index of Uruguay Round Documents Issued Between 1986-1994. Geneva, GATT: 1994.
Green Library, Social Sciences Resource Center: Z7164 T2G46 1994

All GATT and WTO publications received as part of Stanford's status as a GATT and WTO depository library, or acquired by purchase, are cataloged in Socrates, the Library's web-based catalog. You can search for specific titles using "General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade" or "World Trade Organization" in the "author" field (Simple Search) or "organization" field (Combined search).


A large collection of "derestricted" GATT/WTO documents are available to the Stanford community and the general public. These documents include committee working papers, reports, meeting records, communications and memoranda, background documents, agreements and other documents. The collection is shelved in the Green Library Social Sciences Resource Center Microfiche area under the call number MFICHE 2384. Documents issued between 1946-1983 are filed alphanumerically by symbol number. In 1984 GATT began issuing all its documents in annual sets with multiple documents placed on the same microfiche. In order to locate documents published after 1983 in the annual sets you must consult the List and Index and identify the specific document microfiche number (e.g., 96-2931 MF).

The GATT/WTO documents collection includes all or some of the following document series:

AC/: Action Committee L/: General Series
ADP/: Cttee on Anti-Dumping Practices LA/: Latin American Informative Group
AG/: Cttee on Trade in Agriculture LDC/: Least-Developed Countries
AIR/: Cttee on Trade in Civil Aircraft LEGAL/: Cttee on the Legal...Framework...LDC's
BOP/: Cttee on Balance of Payments Restrictions LIC/: Cttee on Import Licensing
C/: Council MCDP/: Arrangement.Certain Dairy Products
CG/: Commodity Group Documents MCMF/: Mgmt to the Protocol Relating to Milk Fat
CG/: Group on Cereals and Meat MDF/: Ministerial Decision Follow-up
CG18/: Consultative Group of Eighteen MGT/: Series
COM.AD/: Agriculture Committee MIN(61): Meeting of Ministers (1961)
COM.IND/: Cttee on Trade in Industrial Products MIN(63): Meeting of Ministers (1963)
COM.TD/: Ctee on Trade and Development MIN(73): Meeting of Ministers (1973)
COM.TEX/: Textiles Cttee.Surveillance Body NTM/: Non-Tariff Measures & Quantative Restrictions
COT/: Cotton Textiles Committee OD/: Contracting Parties
CP/: Contracting Parties PREP.COM/: 1981 Preparatory Committee
CPC/: Committee of Participating Countries PREP.COM(86)/: 1986 Preparatory Committee
C/RM/: Trade Policy Review Mechanism QRC/: Consultative Committee -Article XII:4(b)
DPC/: International Dairy Products Council SCM/: Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
DPC/C/: Cttee of the Protocol.Certain Cheeses SEC/: Secret Documents
DPC/F/: Cttee of the Protocol.Milk Fat SECRET/CP/: Contracting Parties - Secret Docs
DPC/P/: Cttee of the Protocol.Milk Powders SGTP/: Spec. Group on Trade in Tropical Products
DPC/STAT/Spec/: Int'l Dairy Products Council SPEC(): Special Distribution Series
DPG/: Domestically Prohibited Goods SR: Contracting Parties
DS: Dispute Resolution TA/: Technical Assistance Series
E/CONF.2: Trade & Emp't Conf, Havana (`47-'48) TAR/: Committee on Tariff Concessions
E/PC/T/: UN ECOSOC-Prep Cttee ('47) TBT/: Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade
FORTY: Forty: Contracting Parties TC/: Trade Policy Courses
G/: General Series TE/: Trade and Environment
GATT/ Contracting Parties TEX/: Working Party on Trade in Textiles
GATT/AIR/: Airgrams THIRTY: Contracting Parties
GATT/CEA/: Cttee on Special Exchange Agreem'ts TRE/: Group on Environmental Measures and Int'l Trade
GATT/IC/: Intersessional Cttee TN.56/: Tariff Conference (`56)
GATT/OFFICE CIRCULAR TN.60/: Tariff Conference - Dillon Round (`60)
GATT/TN.1/:Tariff Negotiations,Annecy ('49) TN.64/: Tariff Conference - Kennedy Round (`64)
GATT/TN.2/:Tariff Negotiations,Torquay (`50-'51) TN(LDC): Trade Negotiations Cttee of Developing Countries
GATT/40: GATT Anniversary TNB/: Trade Negotiations Committee - Brazil
GPR/: Cttee on Government Procurement TNC/: Trade Negotiations Committee - Cuba
GS/: GATT Staff Council TNJ/: Trade Negotiations Committee - Japan
IC/: Intercessional Cttee TNS/: Trade Negotiations Committee - Switzerland
ICITO/: Interim Commission for the ITO VACANCY NOTICE
IDB/: Integrated Data Base VAL/: Committee on Customs Valuation
IMC/: Int'l Meat Council W/: Contracting Parties
IMCG/: Int'l Meat Consultative Group W(62) to W(72): Intersessional Misc. Working Papers
INF/: Information WP.2/W/: Working Party on Article XVIII
INT()/: Internal


At present, a large number of GATT and WTO documents are issued as "restricted" documents. Such documents are generally issued by the Secretariat only to representatives of WTO member governments, representatives of those governments, and international organizations with observer status at the WTO. Stanford owns a set of restricted documents under terms of a special agreement. The "restricted" documents collection is kept in a secure location and is not generally available either to the Stanford community or the general public. On an annual basis, GATT/WTO derestricts material from this collection. At the date of this guide's publication, all documents of the Tokyo Round (1974-1979) Uruguay Round (1986-1994) except for the final acts remain restricted. Many documents issued in the series above remain restricted, as do the following series in their entirety:

COM/IND/W/: MTN/: Multilateral Trade Negotiations Cttee
C/W/: TAR/Spec/:

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