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U.S. Federal Documents

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Congressional Information

Guide to Government Publications Series

Debates and Proceedings, Journals, Serial Set

The printed Congressional debates and proceedings in both houses have been recorded and issued since the first Congress. There have been several title changes since the first issue including the Annals of congress for the first 18 congresses (1789 to 1824) issued in 42 volumes; the Register of Debates beginning with the 18th Congress through first session of the 25th Congress (1824 to 1837) issued in 14 volumes; the Congressional Globe beginning with the 23rd Congress through the 42nd Congress (1833 to 1873) issued in 46 volumes; Congressional record beginning with the 43rd Congress (1873) and continuing to present.

The Congressional record is printed daily and available in the Government Documents Stacks. Each bound volume includes an index. It is also available full text in several databases including LexisNexis congressional universe, GPO Access , and Thomas .

The earlier titles are also available full text 1789-1875
Both houses of congress are required by the Constitution to keep journals of their proceedings. These journals have been issued by each house since the first congress. All of the early journal are available 1789 through 1875

The journals include a list of bills and resolutions introduced daily by number and title but not the bill/resolution text nor the text of hearing testimony, titles of memorials and petitions to congress, annual presidential messages, presidential veto messages, and other presidential communications to each house. The Senate Journal includes the inaugural addresses and proceedings of impeachment trials. Journal appendices include a section "History of Bills and Resolutions" which contain the numerical listing of all Senate and House bills and resolutions. The listings include the title, name of committee referred with name of committee chairman, committee report number, action taken, and journal page numbers.

The Executive Journal of the Senate includes the secret sessions of the Senate which may include nominations and treaty actions. These journals are not available currently but are issued as historical documents. The Senate Executive Journal is available through 1837 Journal of the Senate of the United States, 1st Congress (1789) to date.

XJS.1789-1817 (1st - 14th Congress); 1953 (83rd Congress) to date. Green Fed-docs Y 1.2/2:1818-1952 (15th -82nd Congress) Green Fed-docs
Mfiche 1808: 1818-1952 (15th-82ndCongress) Green SSRC-fiche
1789-1837 (1st to 25th):

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States, 1789 to date. US Government Printing Office.
Y 1.3:Ex3/1789-1955 (1st Congress-84thCongress); Y 1.3/4: 1956 (85th Congress) to date. Green Fed-docs
1789-1837 (1st to 25th):
Journal of the House of Representatives, 1st Congress (1789) to date.
XJH.1789-1817 (1st - 14thCongress); 1953 (83rd Congress) to date. Green Fed-docs Y 1.1/2: 1818-1952 (15th -82nd Congress) Green Fed-docs
Mfiche 1808: 1818-1952 (15th-82nd Congress) Green SSRC-fiche
1789-1837 (1st to 25th):

Congressional Serial Set 1817-1969. Y 1.1/2: Fed-docs (print)
Mfiche 1808

US Congressional serial set (1817-1980): reports, documents and journals of the US Senate and House of Representatives, originally published in approximately 13,800 bound volumes. This database includes full text documents. See Databases & Articles on library homepage



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