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U.S. Federal Documents

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Congressional Information

Guide to Government Publications Series

Government Internet Sites

Directories and Biographical Information

Directories and Biographical Information: Congress
Almanac of American politics, 1972 to date. Annual.
JK1012.A44 latest ed. IC; earlier editions Green Stacks

Biographical directory of the United States congress, 1774-2005. JK1010 .A5 SSRC
Biographical directory: who’s who in congress, 1774-2005.

Blacks who have served in congress in Congressional Quarterly’s guide to congress, appendix JK1021.C65 IC and SSRC
Congressional directory, 1809 to date. Issued for each session of congress. JK1011 .U5/1870 to date SSRC reading room 1997/98 (105th) to date.

Congressional index, 1965/66 (89th Congress) to date. Commerce Clearinghouse. Issued weekly.
KF49.C6 IC

Congressional staff directory, 1959 to date. Annual
JK1012.C65 latest ed. IC; earlier editions Green Stacks

Congressional yellow book; a directory of members of the congress including their
committees and key staff aides. Quarterly.
JK1083.C6 latest ed. IC & SSRC; earlier editions Green Stacks

CQ’s Politics in America, 1981 to date. Annual.
JK1012.P64 latest ed. IC and SSRC-reading room; earlier editions Green Stacks

Directories Senate
Directories House of Representatives
LexiNexis congressional universe, 105th Congress (1997/98) to date.
Select Members and committees
Hispanics who have served in congress (Congressional Quarterly's guide to congress, Appendix.
(Lobbies) Directory of Washington representatives, 1977 to date. Annual.
JK1118.D58 IC & SSRC latest ed.; earlier editions Green Stacks

Members of congress who have served in both the House and the Senate, 1789-1989, by M.L. Amer. Congressional Research Service. 1989.
LC 14.2:M54/989 Green Fed-docs

Senate virtual reference desk; general information on the Senate, the legislative branch and process, or on the federal government. Links are arranged broadly by subject.

United States congressional directories 1789-1840; edited by P.M. Goldman and J.S. Young. 1973. JK1011.U53
Women in the House of Representatives
Women in the in the Senate.
Women in the U.S. Congress 1917-2005: Report 30261 RL. Congressional Research Service. 2005. Mfiche 1655 SSRC
Women who have served in congress in Congressional Quarterly's guide to congress, appendix JK1021.C65 IC and SSRC


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