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U.S. Federal Documents

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Continental Congress Documents

Guide to Government Publications Series

Table of Contents

Historical Documents Full Text
The Constitution of the United States
The Declaration of Independence
The Federalist Papers
The Continental Congress (1774-1789)

The Constitution of the United States
    In United States Government Manual; printed in each annual edition.
JK421.A3 latest ed. IC-ready ref.; AE2.108/2: Green Fed-docs

The Declaration of Independence
    In United States Government Manual; printed in each annual edition.
JK421.A3 latest ed. IC-ready ref.; AE2.108/2: Green Fed-docs

The Federalist Papers, selected by K.M. Elder.
JK155.F45 1995 Green Stacks

The Continental Congress (1774-1789)

Documents, Journals, Papers

    The most important publications of the Continental Congress are the journals containing the public proceedings. The most complete edition is the 34 volume set edited by the Library of Congress available in print and

    Other important documents covering this period include collections of diplomatic correspondence (Wharton) and compilations of the proceedings and debates including those of J. Elliot, R. Yates, and T.B. Wait. The archival records are available in Record Group 360 in the National Archives. For additional information about these records see the publication, Guide to federal records in the National Archives of the United States published in 1995.

  • American archives: documentary history of American revolution, by P. Force

  • 4th series vols.1-6; 5th series , vols.1-3. 9 vols.
    E203 .A51 Green SSRC-reading room
  • Documentary of history of the Constitution of the United States of America 1786

  • 1870, prepared by the US Department of State. 1905.
    JK111.A52 F Green Stacks
  • Documents illustrative of the formation of the union of the American states, selected by C.C. Tansill. 1927. Issued as House document 69th Congress no. 398.

  • JK11 1927 F IC
  • Guide to federal records in the National Archives of the United States, compiled

  • by R.B. Matchette. 1995. 3 vols.
    CD3026 1995 SSRC-reading room
  • Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789, edited from the original records

  • in the Library of Congress. 1904-1937. 34 vols.
    J10.A5 Green Stacks
    Indexing: The index for each year is in the last volume for the year.
  • Journals/Index of the Continental Congress 1774-1789, comp. by K.E. Harris. 1976.

  • J10.A5 index SSRC-reading room; GS 4.2:C76/2/779-89 Green Fed-docs
  • Letters of the Delegates to Congress 1774-1789

  • LC 1.34: Green Fed- docs
  • Miscellaneous papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-89. 9 reels

  • Mfilm N.S. 419 Green Media-mtxt
    J10 .A53 1962 Guide Green Media-mtxt
  • Papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1781; records reproduced in microfilm from the records of the Continental and Confederate Congresses and the Constitutional Convention. 204 reels.

  • Mfilm N.S. 383 Green Media-mtxt
    J10 .A5 1961 Guide GreenMedia-mtxt
  • Index; the papers of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789, compiled by J.P. Butler.

  • 5 vols.
    GS 4.2:C76/3/774-89 Green Fed-docs
  • Revolutionary diplomatic correspondence of United states, by Francis Wharton.

  • 1889.  Volumes also issued as House misc doc, 50th Congress no. 603.
    973.32 .W553 SAL
  • Secret journals of the acts and proceedings of congress, from the first meeting

  • Thereof to dissolution of confederation by adoption of Constitution, by T.B. Wait. 1821. 4 vols.
    Z 2.8: Green Fed-docs
  • Secret proceedings and debates of the convention assembled at Philadelphia in the year 1787 from notes of Robert Yates

  • 342.732 .U58Y SAL



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