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U.S. Federal Documents

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FBI Files On Microfilm

Green Library, Bing Wing

Guide to Government Publications Series

This guide provides the location and call number for the microfilm reels and guides in the Stanford University Libraries. Microfilm reels are housed in the Media-Microtext Room. Print guides are housed in the SSRC reading room. The URL for electronic access has been added to many of the titles. For additional files housed in the FBI, search by name

Although the Freedom of Information Act has been in effect since 1967, it did not apply to these files of investigation compiled for law enforcement purposes, thus generally exempting FBI files from public access. By the end of 1975, amendments to the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974 had become effective. The passage of these laws provided for broad access to FBI records previously limited. Portions have been blacked out to protect personal privacy, confidential sources, national security, etc., in accordance with the exemption provisions of the FOIA.

The FBI Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Reading Room is located within the J. Edgar Hoover Building at FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Pages of frequently requested FBI documents that have been released under the provisions of the FOIA are housed in the Reading Room. The FBI has converted many of these documents to an electronic format (PDF), and they may be viewed on website In the case of voluminous pages, only summaries or excerpts from the documents are on-line.

Files On Individuals

  • Philip Randolph: FBI file. Scholarly Resources.
    Includes copies of the Messenger edited by Randolph between 1917 and 1928.
    Mfilm n.s. 10361 (1 reel) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.97.R27G85 1990 SSRC-reading room
  • Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.: FBI file. 1995. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 15487 (8 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E748.P86F38 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Cesar Chavez and United Farm Workers: FBI file. 1995. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 14305 (2 reels) Media Microtext
    Print Guide: HD6509.C48F35 1995 GUIDE SSRC-reading room
  • Ezra Pound: FBI file. 2000.
    Mfilm n.s. 15496 (2 reels) Media-Microtext
  • Howard R. Hughes: FBI file. 2000. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 15493 (2 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: CT27.H6678F39 Guide Media-Microtext
  • Joseph McCarthy: FBI file. 1996. Scholarly Resources.
    FBI records contain extortion investigations and correspondence between
    McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover.
    Mfilm n.s. 14306 (4 reels) Media-Microtext
  • Malcolm X: FBI file. 1995. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 14468 (10 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.9.L5F231996 Guide Media-Microtext
  • Marcus Garvey : FBI investigation file. 1978. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 7773 (1 reel) Media-Microtext
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.: FBI file. 1984-86. Scholarly Resources
    Mfilm n.s 3994 (25 reels) Media Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.97.K5L47 Guide parts 1-2 SSRC-reading room
  • Reverend Jesse Jackson: FBI file. 1988. Scholarly Resources.
    Covers years 1967-1984.
    Mfilm n.s. 15466 (1 reel) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.97 .J25 F35 1988 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Roy Wilkins: FBI file. 1990. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 10360 (1 reel) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.97.W69G85 1990 SSRC-reading room

Files On Organizations And Groups

  • American churchwomen killed in El Salvador, December 2,
    1980: FBI file. 1990. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 15492 (2 reels) Media-Micrtext
    Print Guide: HV8079.A74F26 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • American Indian Movement and Wounded Knee: FBI files. 1986.
    Mfilm n.s. 14225 (26 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E93.F25 1986 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Atlanta child murders: FBI file. 1990. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 13014 (3 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: HV6534.A7F342 1990 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Black Panther Party, North Carolina.: FBI file. 1987. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 7772 (2 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.615.G8 1987 SSRC-reading room
  • Centers of the Southern Struggle on Selma, Memphis, Montgomery, Albany, and St.
    Augustine: FBI files. 1988. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 8036 (21 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.62.C45 1988 SSRC-reading room
  • COINTELPRO: the Counterintelligence Program of the FBI. 1978. Scholarly Resources.
    Includes Communist Party of the USA--Hoodwink--White hate groups--New left-Socialists Workers Party--Nationalist groups--Black nationalist hate groups--Special operations file--Espionage file.
    Mfilm n.s. 2426 (30 reels) Media-Microtext
  • FBI filing and records procedures. 1983
    Edited collection of documents covering period from the early 1940s to 1983.
    Mfilm n.s. 3662 (1 reel) Media-Microtext
  • FBI manuals, 1927-1978. 1983. Scholarly Resources.
    Reproduces four manuals issued by the FBI to its agents, dated 1927, 1936, 1941, and 1978.
    Mfilm n.s. 3663 (2 reels) Media-Microtext
  • Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts Manual
    Manual is used by FBI personnel as a reference guide when processing FBI files under the Freedom of Information-Privacy Acts. Includes selected laws, regulations, and policy memoranda
  • House Un-American Activities: FBI file. 1985. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 15498 (9 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E743.5.F346 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Index to Federal Bureau of Investigation Class 61: treason or misprision of treason, 1921-1931. 1988.
    Mfilm n.s. 14023 (15 reels) Media Microtext
    Print Guide: National Archives pamphlet M1531
  • Ku Klux Klan murder of Viola Liuzzo: FBI file. 1990. Scholarly Resources.
    Investigation during 1964 and 1965 for possible violations of the Civil Rights Act
    of 1964 and other criminal activities.
    Mfilm n.s. 15467 (1 reel) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.98.L58F35 1990 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Miburn (Mississippi Burning): FBI file. 1990. Scholarly Resources.
    Summary of the investigation of the 1964 murder of three civil rights workers.
    Mfilm n.s. 15468 Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.93.M6F35 1990 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Muslim Mosque Inc.: FBI file. 1996. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 15470 (3 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.5.M87F35 1996 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    (NAACP): FBI file. 1990. Scholarly Resources.
    Cover years 1923 to 1957.
    Mfilm n.s. 10362 (4 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.5.N276.G85 1990 SSRC-reading room
  • NNC (National Negro Congress): FBI file. 1987. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 7770 (2reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.61.G92 1987 SSRC-reading room
  • Official & confidential files of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. 1988.
    Mfilm n.s. 13017 (6 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: Z 8414.98.G84 1988 Guide Media-Microtext
  • Organization of African-American Unity (OAAU): FBI file. 1996.
    Mfilm n.s. 15473 (1 reel) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.5.O74 F35 1996 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Osage Indian murders: FBI file. 1986.
    Mfilm n.s. 15494 (3 reels) Media-Microtext
    Guide: E99.O8F38 GUIDE Media-Microtext
  • Posse Comitatus: FBI file. 2000. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 15491 (2 reels) Media-Microtext
  • Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC): FBI file. 1991.
    SNCC was created in 1960 as a nonviolent civil rights movement; FBI
    investigation was opened in 1964.
    Mfilm n.s. 12570 (2 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: E185.61 .U46 1991 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Students for a Democratic Society and the Weatherman Underground Organization (SDS/WUO): FBI file. 1990. Scholarly Resources.
    Mfilm n.s. 12571 (8 reels) Media-Microtext
    Print Guide: HN90 .R3 F34 Guide SSRC-reading room
  • Watergate FBI investigation file: 1983. Scholarly Resources.
    The Watergate FBI Investigation Files are in the exact order in which they were received.
    Mfilm n.s. 12591 (9 reels)


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