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U.S. Federal Documents

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National Security Archive Collections

Guide to Government Publications Series


The National Security Archive collections include full text documents on microfiche as made available by the non-governmental, non-profit institution, the National Security Archive in Washington D.C. The publications include the documents secured by the organization through the Freedom of Information Act and the organizationšs own indexes and guides to the documents.

The National Security Archive was founded in 1985 by a group of journalists and scholars who had obtained classified federal government documents through the Freedom of Information Act and wanted to make them available to the public. The records in the collections include government reports, donated record holdings and oral histories, congressional reports and testimony, official court records, and records of the presidential libraries

The publisher, Chadwyck-Healey, provides full text access through its Internet site Digital National Security Archive .

The Stanford libraries continue to acquire the collections as the information is released. The printed guides are housed in the Social Sciences Resource Center in the Green Library and the microfiche (GRN-MTXT) is housed in the Green Library Media Microtext Room. The cdrom, National Security Archive Index, is housed in the Green Library Information Center. The titles located in the Hoover Institution Library must be requested at the reference desk in that library. Access to the Digital National Security Archive is available through library computer terminals.

Collections and Locations:

  • National Security Archive index on cdrom
    1 cdrom
    E183.7.N37 1994 IC-desk

  • Afghanistan: the making of U.S. policy, 1973-1990. 1991.
    424 microfiche
    Mfiche 2541 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: E183.8.A3A33 1990 Guide SSRC

  • Berlin crisis, 1958-1962. 1991.
    460 microfiche
    Mfiche 2548 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: DD881.B472 1991 SSRC

  • China and the United States, 1960-1998 : From Hostility to engagement 2000.
    374 Microfiche
    Mfiche 2589 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: E183.8.C5395 1999 SSRC

  • Cuban missile crisis, 1962. 1990.
    586 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2540 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: E841.C85 SSRC

  • El Salvador: the making of U.S. policy, 1977-1984. 1989.
    870 microfiche.
    E183.8.E4E42 1989 Hoover Institution Library
    Guide: E183.8.E4E42 1989 (2 vols.) Hoover Institution Library

  • El Salvador: war, peace, and human rights, 1980-1994.
    220 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2551 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: F1488.3.E48 1996 Guide SSRC

  • Guatemala and the United States, 1954-1999.
    388 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2952 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: E183.8:9N38 2002 Guide SSRC

  • Iran-Contra affair: the making of a scandal, 1983-1988. 1990.
    664 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2542 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: E876.I72 1990 Guide (2 vols.) SSRC

  • Iran: the making of U.S. policy, 1977-1980. 1990.
    565 microfiche.
    E183.8.I55I73 1990 Mfiche Hoover Institution Library
    Guide: E183.8.I55I73 1990 Guide (2vols.) Hoover Institution Library

  • Iraqgate: Saddam Hussein, the U.S. policy and the prelude to the Persian Gulf War 1980-1994. 1995.
    Mfiche 2549 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: DS79.72.I726 1995 Guide SSRC

  • Japan and the United States: diplomatic and economic relations 1960-1976. 2000
    316 Microfiche
    Mfiche 2635 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: E183.8J3J32 2000 Guide SSRC

  • Military uses of space, 1946-1991. 1992.
    239 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2545 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: UG1523.M55 1992 SSRC

  • Nicaragua: the making of U.S. policy 1978-1990. 1991.
    579 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2546 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: E183.8.N5N528 1991 Guide (3 vols.) SSRC

  • Philippines: the Marcos years, 1965-1986. 1990.
    652 microfiche
    Mfiche 2544 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: E183.8.P5N42 1990 Guide (3 vols.) SSRC

  • Presidential directives on national security from Truman to Clinton. 1994.
    441 microfiche.
    Mfiche 1892 SSRC-FICHE
    Guide: Z1361.D4P74 1994 SSRC

  • South Africa: the making of U.S. policy, 1962-1989 1991.
    439 microfiche.
    DT1805.U6S68 1991 Guide (2 vols.) Hoover Institution Library
    DT1805.U6S68 1991 Mfiche Hoover Institution Library

  • Soviet estimate: U.S. analysis of the Soviet Union, 1947-1991.
    190 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2550 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: JK468.I6S68 1995 Guide SSRC

  • U.S. espionage and intelligence: organization, operations, and management, 1947-1996. 1997.
    490 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2552 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: JK468.N6N375 1997 Guide SSRC

  • U.S. intelligence community: organization, operations, and management, 1947-1989. 1990.
    266 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2547 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: JK468.I6U8 1990 SSRC

  • U.S. nuclear history: nuclear arms and politics in the missile age, 1955-1968.
    358 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2553 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: U264.3.U86 1997 SSRC

  • U.S. nuclear non-proliferation policy, 1945-1991. 1991.
    448 microfiche.
    Mfiche 2543 GRN-MTXT
    Guide: JX1974.73.N8251 1991 Guide (2 vols.) SSRC


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