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United States Government Information

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Titles of U.S. Government Documents

The following is a selected list of US government publications/documents by title. For additional information and location, check Socrates or subject guides.

  1. Annals of Congress, 1789-1824.  

Print: X/congress/date; Green Stacks Fed-docs.

  1. Bills/Resolutions, 1989/90 (101st Congress) to present.

1789-1931/32 (1st-72nd Congress); Mfilm n.s. 35; Green Media-Mtxt

1933/34-1987/88 (73rd-100th Congress); Mfiche 1267; Green  SSRC-fiche

  1. Budget of the United States Government and the Appendix, 1996 to present. 

1921 to date (print);  PrEx 2.8: SSRC-docs

  1. Census tracts definition; geographic areas reference manual.

Census tracts locating (1990 census).

  1. Congressional Budget Office publications, 1995 to present.

Publications available in print; check Socrates and on microfiche 57;  check  index for CIS number.

  1. Congressional directory.

Y4.P93/1: Green Stacks Fed-docs

1995/96 to date

  1. Congressional globe, 1833-1873 (1st Congress to the 42nd Congress.

X/session/date; Green Stacks Fed-docs

  1. Congressional record, 1873 (43rd Congress) to present.

1995 to present

X/session/date; Green Stacks Fed-docs

  1. Congressional record index 1983-2000.
For earlier indexes, consult print  volumes. X/congress/date; Green Stacks Fed-docs
  1. Continental Congress journals of the, 1774-1789.
J10.A5 and index; Green Stacks  
  1. Journals index
GS 4.2:C 76/2/774-89; Green Fed-docs
  1. Continental Congress papers, 1774-1789.
Mfilm n.s. 383; Green Media-Mtxt  Guide. J10.A5 1961; Green Stacks
  1. Copyright Office information circulars.
  1. Copyright law.
  1. Economic censuses; 5 year census conducted by the Bureau of the Census; check Census catalog for additional information.
(C3.163/3: ); SSRC-docs
  1. Economic indicators, 1948 to present.
1995 to present Y4.Ec7:Ec7/; Green Stacks Fed-docs
  1. Economic report of the president, 1946 to present.
1995 to present Pr President:date; Green SSRC-docs
  1. Executive orders and proclamations of the president, 1936 to present.
KF70.A3  Code of Federal regulations; Title 3); Green Information Center
  1. Foreign relations of the United States (State Department).
JX233.A3; SSRC-reading room; circulating copy S1.!: Green Stacks Fed-docs Various volumes beginning with Truman Administration 1945-50 are available on the Internet 
  1. General Accounting Office publications, 1995 to present.
Publications available in print shelved in the Green Stacks Fed-docs; check Socrates.
  1. House journals, 1789-1873.
Print XJH: 1789-1817; 1979 to present; Green Stacks Fed-docs1818 to present issued in the Congressional serial set as a House document. Check indexes for the document number. Y1.1/2: Green Stacks Fed-docs
  1. Laws of the United States, 1789 to present.
KF50.U5; Green Information Center 100th Congress to present (94th Congress (1975/76) to present 104th Congress (1995/96) to present
  1. OMB circulars
  1. Proclamations and executive orders of the president, 1936 to present.
KF70.A3  Code of Federal regulations; Title 3); Green Information CenterProclamations also listed in the United States statutes at large KF50.U5  IC 1789-1993 CIS microfiche.  Available on ILL from UC Riverside.  KF70.A55 1986 Guide; Green Information Center.   ---Index KF5401 .A1 H57 1943; SSRC-reading room ---Index J80 .A73 1944; Green Stacks
  1. Register of debates, 1824-1837.
X/session/date; Green Fed-docs
  1. Senate journals, 1789-1837.
  1. Supreme Court decisions, 1937-1975.
  1. Supreme Court decisions, 1976 to present.



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