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Title: The hemocyanins of Tegula funebralis and Tegula brunnea
Student Author(s): Nolfi, James Robert II
Pages: 3
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1963
Keywords: black turban snail
Abstract: 1) Hemocyanins from Tegula funebralis and T. brunnea were compared with respect to oxygen equilibration. 2) Only slight differences between the hemocyanins for the two species were detected in the oxygen dissociation curves. 3) P50 values for T. funebralis and T. brunnea were determined to be 45 and 55 mm Hg respectively. 4) For the pH used, prosthetic group interaction appeared to vary depending on the oxygen partial pressure. 5) A method for purificaiton of hemocyanin was developed using Sephadx G-200. 6) It appears that no smaller molecular weight proteins or polypeptides are present in these sera. 7) The absorption spectrum for T. funebralis blood gives the major peak at 371 mu and the minor peak at 560 mu.
Notes: Published 1964, Veliger 6 (suppl.):11-13