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Title: Proteolytic enzymes of the digestive gland of the prosobranch mollusc Littorina planaxis
Student Author(s): Pederson, Roger A.
Faculty Advisor(s): Phillips, John H.
Pages: 9
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1964
Keywords: periwinkle
Abstract: This paper describes an in vitro analysis and partial characterization of the proteolytic enzymes of the digestive gland of Littorina planaxis, a prosobranch mollusc. The few studies which have been conducted on the digestive enzymes of marine gastropods have revealed no proteinases in the salivary glands of the herbivorous prosobranchs (Freter and Graham, 1962). These organs appear to function principally in secreting mucus which facilitates the passage of ingested food from the buccal cavity to the stomach. There is also unanimity in the concusion that no digestive enzymes are secreted, or any food absorbed, in the intestine (Freter and Graham, 1962). The present studies have been confied to the digestive gland, although the esophagus also merits study.