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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: An analysis of nitrogen waste products in Littorina planaxis
Student Author(s): Cox, Ann Louise
Pages: 16
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1964
Keywords: periwinkle
Abstract: 1. These was found the be variation in the total non-protein nitrogen (NPN) as well as constituent products in the kidney of Littorina planaxis. 2. Snails from low in the intertidal contained more NPN, ammonia, and urea than those in the high regions. 3. Snails in the low area contained very little NPN and ammonia at LLW. 4. Urea was found in smaller quantities than ammonia in snails from both regions; in both areas, however, the average amount of ureas increased form the first tidaly cycle obervation to the second, carrued out two and one-half weeks later. 5. There was less undetermined-N in the kidneys of low area snails than high. These averages decreased over a period of two and one-half weeks. 6. Uric adic-N was negligible until the second tidal cycle observations, where it then constitued up to 20.7% NPN in the kidneys of higher snails and 3.13% NPN in those lower. This production was very spasmodic with rapid elimination.