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Title: Carotenoid pigments in the stalked barnacle Pollicipes polymerus
Student Author(s): Holter, Arlen R.
Faculty Advisor(s): Lee, Welton L.
Pages: 26
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1967
Keywords: barnacle
Abstract: 1) Six carotenoid pigments, -carotene, isozeaxanthin (?), lutein, zeaxanthin, an astaxanthin ester, and astaxanthin were isolated from the bodies and stalk fluid of Pollicipes polymerus, although the proportions differ in each case. 2) Similar extracts of the different developmental stages of ovigerous lamellae showed the presence of the same six carotenoids with the exception of isozeaxanthin. 3) A decline of the amount of astaxanthin ester and luetin and the apparent simultaneous increase of astaxanthin with maturation of the nauplii was observed. 4) Astaxanthin was found to be bound to a lipo-protein in the stalk fluid and ovigerous lamellae but not in the bodies. 5) The presence of protein-bound astaxanthin in the lamellae appears to decline with maturation. 6) The involvement of astaxanthin lipo-protein complex which is stored in the stalk fluid is discussed .
Notes: Publ 1969, Comp. Biochem. Physiol. 28: 675-684