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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: Microphotometric determination of the activity of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and succinic dehydrogenase in the developing oocytes of Cirriformia spirabrancha (Moore, 1904)
Student Author(s): Shapiro, Allan James
Faculty Advisor(s): Epel, David
Pages: 19
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1968
Keywords: Polychaete worm
Abstract: 1. A simple new microphotmetric method was developed for studying the reate of tetrazolium reduction in single oocytes. 2. When corrections were made for the different optical path lengths of these eggs, the results showed that the tetrazolium reduction by the activity of G-6-P dehydrogenase and duccinic dehydrogenase were very nearly constant in all stages. Constant enzyme activity in different stages of development implies constant synthesis of G-6-P deyhydrogenase and succinic dehydrogenase over the course of oogenesis. 3. Future application of this method may be very helpful in studying enzyme activity under a variety of conditions, especiallly form material not available in large amounts.