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Title: Habituation of the Polychaete Cirriformia spirabrancha (Moore, 1904) to mechanical vibration
Student Author(s): Connaughton, Kent
Faculty Advisor(s): Szal, Roger
Pages: 16
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1968
Keywords: Polychaete worm
Abstract: Habituation in marine worms is well documented. Sedentaria or tubiculous worms have been shown to habituate to tactile stimuli, varying light intensities, and mechanical shock (Nicol, 1950). The withdrawal reflex of Cirriformia spirabrancha to mechanical vibration has been successfully habituated. Retention of the habituation was shown to be present 1 hour after initial habituation. When tested 6 hours after initial habituation there was no noticeable retention of the initial habituation. There is a great deal of variation among individuals in the rate of habituation to vibrational stimuli.