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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: Uptake and excretion of DDT residues by speckled sanddab juveniles, Citharichthys stigmaeus Jordan and Gilbert
Student Author(s): Phillips, Gregory F.
Faculty Advisor(s): Wheeler, Ellsworth H.
Pages: 30
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1969
Keywords: DDT
Abstract: Citharichthys stigmaeus of a first year class population were analyzed by gas chromatography to determine the concentration of DDT resideus on various tissues. Liver contained 2.6 ppm DDE (wet weight). Gut and brain tissue contained 0.3 and 0.23 ppm respectively, while gills and muscle had lower concentrations of 0.073 and 0.064 ppm DDE. Un uptake experiemtns, fish were incubated in 1 ppb C14-labeled DDT for various times up to 36 hours. Appreciable label was found in all tissues after 30 minutes, increaseing to high concentrations in the liver, gut and brain after 24 hours. Lower, but significant uptake was found in the skin, gills and muscle. Fish pulsed for 4 hours in 1 ppb C14-DDT and subsequently transferred to natural sea water provided data on DDT excretion. Gills averaged a 90% loss of the initial pulse label, while skin, liver, gut, brain and muscle retained 80-110% of the DDT after a 72 hour incubation.