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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: An analysis of the distribution of Anthopleura elegantissima in relationship to the presence of a sewage outfall
Student Author(s): Anselmo, Elaine
Faculty Advisor(s): Lee, Welton
Pages: 28
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1970
Keywords: sewage pollution
Abstract: 1) Anthopleura elegantissima is distributed around the outfall according to a gradient which parallels gradients of physical and chemical properties related to the presence of sewage effluent. 2) Anemones placed in the field become detached from their substrates more frequently as they approach the outfall. 3) LT-50's of animals placed in Monterey sewage were longer than those tested in unchlorinated Pacific Grove effluent. These in turn were longer still than those tested in chlorinated Pacific Grove sewage. 4) Concentrations of sewage necessary to produce toxicity in the laboratory were far greater than the effective concentrations of sewage experienced by anemones in the field. 5) Observations of the reactions of anemones to concentrated sewage and to field observations suggested that field populations were being directly effected by the primary effluent. 6) All of the evidence from this study suggests that sewage is responsible for the peculiar distribution of anemones in the study area around the outfall.