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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: A study of inshore phytoplankton distribution near a sewage outfall
Student Author(s): Baldo, Angela Louise
Faculty Advisor(s): Abbott, Isabella
Pages: 31
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1970
Keywords: sewage pollution
Abstract: The distribution of phytoplankton at Pt. Pinos was studied by periodic sampling at 13 stations on and off shore. Counts showed that numbers of phytoplankton on the outfall side of Pt. Pinos were always larger on the average than numbers on the opposite side. In addition, offshore samples had far fewer individuals than shore samples. These results suggest that the phytoplankton nearest the outfall may benefit from an excess of inorganic nutrients in the sewage, but this cannot be concluded from the data. Mixed cultures of two species of diatoms, Nitzschia closterium and Navicula were grown in different dilutions of sewage from Monterey and Pacific Grove. Growth of N. closterium was inhibited by both kinds of sewage. Navicula grew well in Monterey sewage but very poorly in Pacific Grove sewage. Nutrients in the sewage probably tend to promote growth while chlorine or other toxic substances might act as inhibiting factors.