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Title: Aerial and aquatic respiration in the chitons Nuttallina californica and Tonicella lineata
Student Author(s): Robbins, Bruce A.
Faculty Advisor(s): Abbott, Donald
%E Fuhrman, Fred
Pages: 22
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1974
Keywords: chiton
Abstract: The respiratory anatomy and function of intertidal Nuttallina californica and subtidal Tonicella lineata were compared in an attempt to elucidate adaptations of the former to frequent aerial exposure. Though Nuttallina has not apparently adapted for increased efficiency of air breathing, studies of recovery from extended periods of exposure have indicated a probable oxygen debt present in Tonicella and absent in Nuttallina. Field and laboratory observations suggest that Nuttallina decreases its metabolic activity when uncovered. However, further work is necessary to confirm these conclusions and to elucidate the physiological basis of Nuttallina's resistence to oxygen debt during periods of exposure.
Notes: Publ 1975, Veliger 18 (Suppl): 98-102