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Title: Nitrogenous material released from Mopalia muscosa (Gould, 1846), and intertidal chiton
Student Author(s): Williams, Rich
Faculty Advisor(s): Phillips, John H.
Pages: 18
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1974
Keywords: chiton
Abstract: A study was undertaken to identify the nitrogenous waste products released from the intertidal chiton Mopalia muscosa (Gould, 1846). The Solorzano method was used to test for the presence of ammonia and/or urea, while nihydrin positive nitrogenous componds were identified by the Spies method. Large variability within each sample collected from each of five chitons did not allow a significant comparison between levels of ammonia and urea, although both nitrogenous compounds were present. However, in three of the M. muscosa high levels in ninhydrin positive material were found in comparison to the ammonia and urea levels. For one chiton these levels were 220.4 +/- 27.2 ug of ninhydrin positive nitrogen, 42.2 +/- 4.7 ug of urea nitrogen, and 51.4 +/- 12.0 ug of ammonia nitrogen. The ninhydrin positive nitrogen was releaseed from this M. muscosa at a rate of 0.48mg/100g/day.
Notes: Publ 1975, Veliger 18 (Suppl): 128