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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: The intertidal distribution of sea anemones with habitat descriptions, at Pescadero Point, Mission Point, and Stillwater Cove, (Monterey County, California)
Student Author(s): Martin, Brooks K.
Faculty Advisor(s): Abbott, Isabella
Pages: 16
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1975
Keywords: sea anemones
Abstract: Nine anemone species were found, including two (Cnidopus ritteri (Torrey, 1902), and Diadumine lighti (Hand, 1955)), previously not reported for this area. Hand (1954), reports finding three additional species in this area: Halcampa decemtentaculata (Hand, 1954, "Carmel"), Metridium exilis (Hand, 1955, "Carmel Cove"), and Telia crassicornis (Mueller, 1776, "As far south as Carmel"). I was unable to find these species at my study sites. The effects of other animal species on anemone distribution in the intertidal are not well understood. The Nuttalina californica/Anthopleura elegantissima interaction provides a relationship future investigators may wish to utilize in the study of biological interaction.