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Title: Host-directed behavior of Ophiodromus pugettensis (Johnson) a commensal polychaete
Student Author(s): Serences, Melanie
Faculty Advisor(s): Burnett, Robin
Pages: 36
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1976
Keywords: polychaeta
Abstract: 1. The host-directed behavior of Ophiodromus pugettensis, a commensal polychaete was investigeated in the field and laboratory on Patiria miniata over a six week period during April and May 1976. 2. Field studies indicate: A. an increase in commensal populations with increasing host size; B. commensal populations of O. pugettensis fluctuate with time; C. clumped distribution of O. pugettensis on P. miniata; and, D. an increase in size and growth rate of O. pugettensis moving intertidally. 3. Laboratory results suggest: A. commensal distribution of P. miniata after small time periods is random; B. feeding as well as protection may be the nature of the commensal existence of O. pugettensis on P. miniata; C. large numbers of commensals on individual P. miniata are uncommon for long periods of time; D. O. pugettensis populations on P. gigantea adn D. imbricata may be uncommon in the field due to host ingestion of the polychate; and, E. commensal O. pugettensis abandoment of P. miniata is uncommon unless conditions are extreme.