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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: Some physiological effects of larval trematode infections on the snail Batallaria attramentaria from Bennett's Slough, Monterey Bay, California
Student Author(s): Miller, Jane L.
Faculty Advisor(s): Wagenbach, Gary
%E Burnett, Robin
Pages: 15
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1980
Keywords: symbiosis at the seashore
Abstract: The effects of larval trematode infection on the thermal resistance, respiration rate, rate of Ulva sp. comsumption and gamete production of Batallaria attramentaria were determined. Nonparasitized snails showed a greater survival rate at 46 degrees C for 1 hour ( 0.1>p>0.05) and at 46 C for 1.5 hours (p<0.05). The average respiration rates of infected and noninfected snails did not differ significantly. Individual respiration rates varied widely in both parasizited and nonparasitized snails. Infected snails consumed more Ulva sp. than uninfected snails. (p<0.06). No eggs or sperm were observed in heavily infected snails.