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Title: Behavior and physiology of Argulus borealis (Branchiuria, Argulidae) from the sandddab Citharichtys sordidus (Teleostea, Bothidae) from Monterey Bay, California
Student Author(s): Ring, William L.
Faculty Advisor(s): Wagenbach, Gary
%E Abbott, Donald P.
Pages: 28
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1980
Keywords: symbiosis at the seashore
Abstract: 1. A. borealis in the free swimming condition does not swim in a random fashion. 2. A. borealis exhibits a positive heliotropism in the free swimming condition. This tropism is dependent on intact eyes. 3. A. borealis actively swims counter to currents. This behavior occurs without intact eyes. 4. A. borealis exhibits a possible negative geotropism. This behavior seems to rely on intact eyes. 5. A. borealis can survive for up to 10 days in a free swimming condition. 5. A. borealis cannont survive rapid, prolonged exposure to freshwater. 7. A. borealis rapidly dies when exposed to air.