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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: A comparison of Opisthopus transversus populations in two of its hosts: Megathura crenulata and Cryptochiton stelleri
Student Author(s): Heck, Wendy
Faculty Advisor(s): Wagenbach, Gary
Pages: 25
Location: Research Reports Carleton College Biology 212
Date: November 1983
Abstract: Opisthopus transversus is a commensal Brachyuran crab which is found in many different hosts. In this study, crab populations from Megathura carenulata and Cryptochiton stelleri were investigated. Crabs in M. crenulata were found to be more numerous and larger than those in C. stelleri. A higher percentage of mature females was also found in M. crenulata.
Host preference tests were conducted. Crabs from M. crenulata preferred their original host over C. stelleri. Crabs originally found in C. stelleri showed no preference for one host over the other. The results suggest that M. crenulata may be a more desireable host for O. transversus than C. stelleri.