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Title: Distribution patterns and host recognition by the polychaete Ophiodromus pugettensis toward its host batstar Patiria miniata
Student Author(s): Olander, Andrea
Faculty Advisor(s): Wagenbach, Gary
Pages: 20
Location: Research Reports Carleton College Biology 212
Date: November 1983
Abstract: The commensal habit of the polychaete Ophiodromus pugettensis was investigated with emphasis on the physiological, ecological, and behavioral aspects affecting the initiation and maintenance of the symbiotic relationship with Patiria miniata.
The distribution patterns of the commensal polychaete were studied in the field and in the lab. Findings indicate a relationship between size of the host and number of commensals living in the ambulacral grooves of the sea star. Further laboratory studies suggest that interaction among P. miniata influence this distribution.
The physiological aspects were studied in the lab using a Y - preference tube. These results point to the possibility of an attractant emitted by the host sea star.