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Title: Behavioral analysis of the escape response of the keyhole limpet, Fissurella volcano, to predatory sea stars
Student Author(s): Chang, Silvia
Faculty Advisor(s): Gilly, William
Pages: 25
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1985
Keywords: biology of limpets
Abstract: The keyhole limpet Fissurella volcano has a sequential escape response to stimulation by tube feet of the predatory starfish Pisaster ochraceus. The response consists of 1) elevation of the shell at the point of stimulation, 2) extrusion of the mantle over the shell, 3) rotation of the shell around the keyhole axis, and 4) rapid locomotion away (fleeing). Limpets on horiziontal surfaces have a stronger response to tube feet than do those on vertical surfaces. Responses to sea water which presumably contains a water soluble starfish scent consist of only the mantle extrusion response. Finally, receptors mediating detection of the starfish substance appear to be located on the tips of the mantle tentacles.