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Title: Neural response to chemical stimulation of the osphradium in the limpet Collisella limatula
Student Author(s): Hoese, William
Faculty Advisor(s): Baxter, Chuck
%E Denny, Mark
%E Gilly, William
Pages: 32
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1985
Keywords: biology of limpets
Abstract: Suction capillary electrodes were employed to study the response of the osphradial nerve to electrical and chemical stimulation in the limpet, Colisella limatula. The osphradial nerve was filled with CoCl to identify individual cell bodies and axons along the posterior edge of the osphradium. Chemo-sensative paddle cilia ont he surface of the osphradium were not abundatn, if present at all, when observed under the scanning electron microscope. The organproved to be sensitive to the applicaiton of 1M NaCl, 1M LiCl, and 0.5M Na-Gluconate + ASW; it gave a heightened response both in frequency and amplitude of action potentials observed passing along the osphradial nerve (O.N.). A second effect was also observed: the organ was sensitive, on a smaller scale, to 0.6M Sucrose + ASW, and 0.5M NaCl + ASW. The application of these substances resulted in smaller increases in amplitude and frequency, but still visibly greater than that of natural sea water (NSW) which had no effect. Ineffective substances for osphradial stimulation were 0.5M N-Methyl-Glucamine-Cl, light, Pisaster ochraceus tube feet, dacron line, and distilled water.