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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: Temporal pattern of desiccation and recovery in the high intertidal limpet, Collisella digitalis
Student Author(s): Marzuola, Carol
Faculty Advisor(s): Baxter, Chuck
Pages: 21
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1985
Keywords: biology of limpets
Abstract: Experiments were done on the effects of cumulative desiccation on groups of the limpet Collisella digitalis. Results showed that limpets submerged for 0.5 hour between repeated desiccation periods had an increased rate of weight loss after a series of 5 exposures. Limpets submerged for 4 hours between stresses exhibited weight gain during the experiment while 2 hours of submergence resulted in no significant weight changes. When limpets with a desiccation stress of 15% weight loss were allowed to equilibriate with sea water, a period of 2 hours was required for osmotic equilibration of the body fluid. More prolonged submergence of desiccated individuals results in an overshoot of weight recovery at osmotic equilibration. The data suggests that not only does recovery time play an important role in dewtermining the upper limits of the intertidal distribution of C. digitalis, but may also determine the lower limits as well.