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Title: Transport and incorporation of amina acids in Notoacmea incessa
Student Author(s): Weng, Andrew P.
Faculty Advisor(s): Epel, David
%E Swezey, Robert
Pages: 26
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1988
Keywords: biological studies on gastropods
Abstract: Marine invertebrate embryos can concentrate amino acids from dilute solution against gradients as steep as 10^6. I report here that Notoacmea incessa embryos can concentrate leucine and methionine 200 and 400 times, respectively, over ambient levels after 15 minutes incubation. Transport increased at 3 hours post-fertilization with maximal rates for the first 36 hours of development occurring by 12-18 hours post-fertilizaiton. A Lineweaver-Burk analysis of leucine uptake revealed a Km of 1.262 uM and a Vmax of 4.9 X 10^(-14) moles/embryo/15 minutes. This Km value is comparable to that observed for other marine invertebrate embryos, but the Vmax value is 10-100 times lower. Approximately 70% of the leucine transported by the embryo was incorporated into protein, as compared to 15% for methionine. Several possible explanations for the different rates of incorporation are presented.