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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: Regulation of bag cell growth in Aplysia californica: effects of ELH and alpha-BCP
Student Author(s): Greaves, Adrienne
Pages: 17
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1988
Keywords: biological studies on gastropods
Abstract: This report examines the effect of two peptides, egg-laying hormone (ELH) and alpha bag cell peptide (alpha-BCP), on the growth of regenerating axons in cultured Aplysia californica bag cells. Preliminary findings indicate that these peptides do affect growth rates by causing the axon to erratically grow and resorb after the peptide is added to the bath. Control axons showed steady reates of either growth or resorption, as did most axons prior to treatment with a peptide. Immediately after addition of a peptide the growth rates of many axons became erratic, switching between growth and resorption one to two times in two hours. Axons placed in fresh medium after treatment with a peptide showed much slower swings between growth and resorption. These findings raise many quesitons about possible feedback biochemical or electrical effects of ELH and alpha-BCP that could be causing such fluctuations on growth.
Notes: see also A. Greaves Honors Thesis, June 1989