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Title: Glutamate neurotoxicity in CNS cultures of marine surfperch Cymatogaster aggregata
Student Author(s): DasGupta, Hindola
Faculty Advisor(s): Thompson, Stuart
Pages: 14
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1989
Keywords: nearshore fishes
Abstract: In the present study, brief exposure to glutamate was found to cause cell death of neurons cultured from the brain of adult marine surfperch, Cymatogaster aggregata. A dose-toxicity study suggested an ED-50 of 100-500 uM glutamate for a 5 minute exposure. A toxicity versus age in culture study showed that glutamate receptors may be expressed as early as 24 hours in culture. A dose response study on Day 2 in culture indicated that glutamate neurotoxicity (GNT) is cumulative; the higher the glutamate concentration used the greater the cell death. Some neurons survived short exposure to glutamate. This resistance could be due to a lack of glutamate receptors on neurons from certain regions of the brain. Cerebellar neurons exposed to glutamate, for example, showed no deviation in viability from the control percentage.