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Title: The distribution, feeding behavior, and anthocodia retraction of Anthomastus ritteri (Nutting, 1909) in Monterey Bay
Student Author(s): Riise, Scott A.
Pages: 25
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1990
Abstract: My study of Anthomastus ritteri has led to an establishment of its distribution in Monterey Bay, a description of its feeding behavior, responses and endogenous cycles of anthocodia, and a diet analysis. When densities were calculated according to geographical location, depth, and habitat type, it was found that the highest concentrations of Anthomastus ritteri occur at the Canyon Wall Meander site, at a depth of about 350m, and on exposed rock faces. White individuals are more common towards the south while pink and red ones are the only ones seen at the northernmost locations. Two distinct feeding behaviors are used by the species depending on whether it is ingesting large or small particles. Anthocodia retract both in response to mechanical stimuli and in an endogenous cyclical pattern of 27 hours length. Fecal analysis suggests that they are ingesting mainly sand particles and detritus.