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Title: Influence of Monterey Canyon topography on the distribution and behavior of the mesopelagic shrimp Sergestes similis
Student Author(s): Beaulieu, Stace
Faculty Advisor(s): Baxter, Chuck
%E Robison, Bruce
Pages: 53
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1991
Abstract: Videotape footage taken on remotely operated vehicle (ROV) dives from 3/09/89 to 5/14/91 was used to examine the distribution and behavior of the upper mesopelagic shrimp Sergastes similis in Monterey Bay. A quantitative method of determining relative density was developed and used to show that the abundance of S. similis is significantly higher at a site in the vicinity of the Monterey Canyon wall as compared to one mile from the wall. Vertical distribution of the dielly migrating shrimp also appears to shift upward with the slope of the canyon. Studies with horizontal transects showed densities at 100m from the wall not to significantly differ from those in the water column. However, density increased significantly within 50 m of the wall to a highest relative value at the water column/slope interface. Behvioral studies showed S. similis to play a role in the trophic structure of the slope benthic community. Overall, canyon topography was determined to have important influence on S. similis distribution and behavior.