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Title: Foraging, feeding, and digestion of the midwater narcomedusa Solmissus spp.
Student Author(s): Reese, Anne H.
Faculty Advisor(s): Baxter, Chuck
%E Robison, Bruce
Pages: 24
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1992
Abstract: Solmissus spp., a narcomedusa found commonly throughout the midwater region from the surface to 1000m may play an integral role in the midwater food web. Foraging, feeding and digestive studies in situ and in the laboratory indicate that Solmissus has adapted to living in a low prey density environment by behaviors which increase prey encounter time and area. These behaviors include extending tentacles and swimming while foraging; resuming foraging while still in the ingestive process; eating a very large range of prey sizes; and ingesting more than one prey item at a time. Thirteen Solmissus spp. were collected using a Remote Operated Vehicle in the Monterey Bay Submarine Canyon. In the laboratory, these specimens were kept in tanks and fed various shallow and deep water flora and fauna. In the laboratory, Solmissus preyed on Beroe abyssicola and Nonomia biyuga, which they digested in 36 hours and 24 hours, respectively.