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(full paper is archived in the Miller Library)

Title: Bacterial Associations with Pachygrapsus crassipes, Pagurus samuelis, and Hopkinsia rosacea embryos
Student Author(s): Angel, Jennifer
Faculty Advisor(s): Epel, David
Pages: 27
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1993
Abstract: Bacteria were observed on the embryos of Pachygrapsus crassipes, Pagurus samuelis, and Hopkinsia rosacea. Strains that grew in culture were isolated, and were identified as Pseudomonadaceae and Entereobacteriaceae. There were eighteen isolates: eight from P. crassipes, six from P. samuelis, and four from H. rosacea. None of these strains showed anti-fungal activity against Lagenidium callinectes. The role of the bacteria isolated from P. crassipes embryos were studied in greater detail. Embryos treated with penicillin G, which was effective against seven of the eight strains of bacteria, had a higher mortality rate, and a greater likelihood of being infested with other microbes. This finding suggests a defense role for the bacteria.