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Title: Stress induced heat shock proteins in Tigriopus californicus
Student Author(s): Ha, Chae Mihn-Gregory
Faculty Advisor(s): Levine, R. Paul.
Pages: 19
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1993
Abstract: Tigriopus californicus exhibits a heat shock response under thermal and osmotic stress. At least three heat shock proteins (hsps) are induced under conditions of thermal stress at 30.1 degrees Celsius. At least 2 hsps are induced by T. californicus in 50% and 2x instant ocean, the latter causing greater hsp induction. The proteins identified under thermal stress were 2 hsp 60's and one hsp 70. The proteins identified under osmotic stress were 1 hsp 60 and 1 hsp 70. In both conditions, hsp synthesis occured rapidly, mostly under one hour. All analysis of protein induction was done by autoradiography using L-[35S]methionine and was supplemented by Western analysis. Identification of hsps in T. californicus will provide the basis for further study of hsps in invertebrates and elucidate the role of hsps in the stress response.