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Title: Endogenous rhythms in the soft coral, Anthomastus ritterii
Student Author(s): Chandrasekaran, Ravi
Faculty Advisor(s): Baxter, Charles H.
Pages: 14
Location: Final Papers Biology 175H
Date: June 1993
Abstract: Endogenous rhythm study on deep sea organisms has been very limited in the past. In this light, the suggestion by Riise of a circadian or circatidal rhythm in the soft coral Anthomastus ritterii becomes extremely interesting. The purpose of this study was to verify this hypothesis as well as to entrain the creatures to a controlled rhythmic stimuli. The data collected does not verify that hypothesis, but interestingly enough, does point to an endogenous rhythm. The colonies appear to be quite periodic, but follow a highly individual cycle, with period times ranging from 16.8 hours to 38.8 hours. The cycle seems to be unperturbed by controlled environmental queues such as light, feeding, and mechanical disturbance. Study of a juvenile with a radically shorter period of 7.7 hours suggests important changes in development with respect to this periodicity.